People Care TOO much

I wasn’t going to write a post today because exams are here and I have finals to study for as well as projects to finish. However, a recent incident provoked me into venting or else I would have a building rage inside of me and most likely would take it out on the nearest person. As to prevent an unwarranted outburst, I took to the blog where it is safer (physically) for others.

I learned some unfortunate news via facebook and like most news of this category, I find that is completely DISRESPECTFUL to post such things on net before even being sure if the family or close friends of the person are aware. Worst if the situation is only a rumor and has not been proven true by of course the family or news. Because of this, I wrote a post and it went as such:

“My timeline went from 0 – 200 in less than a 60 seconds. When you all hear rumors I beg that you learn the facts before you subject others to premature heart attacks. It’s only right and respectful because you never know whom you are hurting when you post something that turns out to be false! Especially in cases of death!”

The case, is in fact, of death. That was my status. My aim was not to hurt anyone and as you can clearly see, if your comprehension skills are up to par, it basically says that if you are not sure if someone has passed, don’t write about it on Facebook because it is disrespectful.

So I get a phone call about it from one of my friends whom, basically tells me to take it down because I don’t know who I will make mad because of it.

#Pause #Brake #HoldThePhone

For one, I didn’t insult anyone, I didn’t attack anyone, I was pretty polite and used excellent mannerisms as opposed to going “Shut the Fuck up if you don’t know if it’s true” Which is really what I was thinking.

Secondly, I’m not about to pull the “It’s my facebook, I can write what I want” stunt, because while it is true, that doesn’t make it right, however, what I will say, is that If you become aggravated because of something I write, then most likely it is because you’re possibly guilty of what I am writing of, easily offended, and all around childish. My statuses, while they may come off as harsh, are usually things people are THINKING but are too busy pussyfooting around the matter or just too chicken to say it. So, I say it and I say it kindly (lately because I am not always this kind).

You know why people don’t say the things they really want to say? It’s not because they are considerate or believe in “Have nothing nice to say then say nothing.” No, it’s because they care too much about how others will perceive them if they voice their opinion.

And THAT right there is the problem with Society. Especially Virgin Island Society. Everyone wants to voice an opinion only when their opinion follows the standards of the opinions of others. Majority of the time, when they post opinions about hard hitting situations, their “Opinions” are EXACTLY THE SAME as the others that have posted before, only worded differently. It’s like reading the same sets of statuses over and over and while people think they are getting a point across, they are not. So we end up stagnant in this perpetual cycle of POINTLESS thoughts because everyone was too busy being a copy cat. That too is why nothing changes. I compare it to how the government is ran. They’re keeping the same set of workers (opinions and thoughts) and not incorporating new ones,  thus leaving no room for GROWTH.

I am not going to be mum because I may hurt someone’s feelings. Perhaps they need their feelings to be hurt.

I am sick and tired of learning about deaths through facebook before there is any clarity of the situation and I am sure that the families and close friends of these people feel the same. It is downright disrespectful and if you feel that I am “Going to make someone mad” by saying so, then so be it. Let them Be mad. I could not care less.

Oh and let’s all be prepared for the picstitches, the long statuses about how long they knew the person or were so close, the “We need to come together // do better as a community” statuses, and The whiners going “This only happens in the VI” whom are followed by the “I’m moving out of the VI” to go, oh you know, the states where people get blown up running, shot in movie theaters, schools, churches, the list goes on.

Yeah. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of this cycle. It’s the same pattern, by the SAME SET OF FUCKING PEOPLE, every single time and you know what, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even think they are saying these things to be considerate. I think they are saying it to get likes, to seem sympathetic and of course to follow the “Opinion trend.”

That is all.



Instagram Rules

Do you have an instagram? If not, that’s fine, no one is forcing you to conform to society’s need to broadcast your every waking move, meal, and thoughts.

However, for those of you that do have one, have you ever noticed the people that nag and complain about what people should and should not do on your own page? Well I certainly have and let me tell you it is a task each and every day to not want to go upside their head with a brick.

Aside from the rules stated in the terms and agreement, which I just know you all read, there appears to be a second set of rules that seemed to have been misplaced.

Allow me to list and describe them for you:

Rule #1 : You cannot put 15 exact replicate pictures of yourself in different styles/picstitches/pose, in less than 2 minutes. PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO THIS. And I have to admit, it is terribly annoying. Imagine scrolling through your feed and you see this one person’s face at least 15 times with basically the same damn picture. But, it is their page. When It gets to this point, why not just unfollow them? Oh the same goes for folks that upload pictures of textgrams or supposedly funny images.

Rule #2 : Hashtags are a no no. Some people feel that they are too good for hashtags and as such they feel that everyone else must not use them. I use hashtags as of lately. Why? Because I fucking can. They actually do something and there are people that look for certain tags (like How I tend to look for Tall, muscular, darkskin men because they are so gotdamn fine) the problem, however, comes from folks who hashtag things like #oh #idk #like #this #because #every #word #needs #to #be #tagged …. Really now? But again, your page. It ain’t ruining my day.

Rule #3: Ratings. Instagram went through this phase where people were doing group rates. It was a terrible time for instagram. Many lives were lost in this epidemic, but thankfully the instagram world is recovering from that plague. I guess it was a fun game, it was supposed to liven things up, it created drama, but of course people just hated it.

Rule #4: Shoutouts. Some folks, do a shoutout for people when they like at least 6 or more of their pictures in a row. I don’t. why? Because it’s like I am putting that person on the spot. Why should everyone know that you liked so many of my pictures? And frankly it makes my page look so unorganized. Again, it’s disliked thing. It was another terrible epidemic that swiped through instagram because it was abused to the point that you wanted to cyber slap people.

Rule #5: Food. Okay, we’ve seen them. You know where I am going with this. When someone uploads a picture of food on instagram, you think it would be a 5 star meal. These days, five star meals look like cornflakes, noodles, snacks, whatever you can think of. It’s basic meals. Unattractive meals. No amount of filter can make them look like an awesometastic meal no matter how much you try. But alas, that’s what is being done. It’s stupid, it’s ridiculous, and that leads to rule number five, stop uploading your crappy meals for the world to see.

Does it seem like I am one of the people that created these rules? Nah, I’m not. I don’t care really. Because when it all comes down to it, when you break my newsfeed with your bullshit, I happen to know that I can unfollow you the same way that I followed you to begin with. No hard feelings. You were just being obnoxious.


Are you a good friend?

There is more to being a friend than just saying they are your friend. There is more to it than talking everyday. There certainly is more to it than just seeing the person regularly.For one, friends don’t let friends leave the house looking like a hurricane just passed through and all their good clothes were blown away. Friends don’t let friends walk around with a possible bird nest on their head. This is just basics.

Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself “Wow, they must not have any friends?” I see it too often.

A friendship should always be honest. If your friend doesn’t look up to par, tell them, but try not to embarrass them. There is a right and wrong way to do things, especially if you know that your friend is sensitive.

When asked, you should always give them an honest answer even if it may hurt their feelings a little. Obviously if they asked for your opinion it’s because they want the truth.

Friends do not use each other. Ever had that one “friend” who only talks to you when they need something? That’s not a friend. That person is using you. I have friends that have vehicles and I always shake my head as I watch them carry someone from place to place, but the minute the car stops working this person is nowhere to be found. Hmm, I wonder why.

When your friend is wrong, let them know they are wrong. Too many times I’ve seen someone enter an altercation and even though the person involved is completely wrong and out of line, the other person stands up for them. You are not helping your friend at all. In fact, I don’t consider that an act of friendship.

“Time” does not matter in friendships. If you are truly friends, not hearing from the person in several days would not make you stop being their friend. Maybe they have life problems to deal with, maybe they don’t feel like speaking at the moment. True friends can go months without speaking to each other and when they finally do, it’s like they never stopped speaking at all.

Does your friend have habits that are of concern to you? You should voice them. You don’t have to ask them to change, but you should let it be known that it bothers you. Maybe you can find middle ground.

Now, here are some things that get iffy to when it comes to friendships.

Do you drop a friend because they do not get along with your Boyfriend//Girlfriend? This is something that bothers me. I’ve seen friendships come to an end because their friend didn’t see eye to eye with their significant other. Why should they get along? Your relationship is your relationship. It really has nothing to do with your friend.

If your friend sees your significant other cheating on you do you expect them to tell you? and if they don’t would you drop them? This is something to really think about. For one, unless it can be backed up by complete, undeniable facts, the friend shouldn’t even bring it up. However, say you see the Person in question tonguing down someone who isn’t your friend, would you tell them? If your answer is “No” then you’re not a very good friend. How can you sit there, and watch your friend be all cuddly with someone who was just tongue wrestling another person. Don’t you feel a tinge of guilt knowing that you are letting your friend continue in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect them? If you can, I shake my head at you. That’s just awful.

If a friend gets into a physical fight are you supposed to get involved even if it doesn’t concern you? Suppose the people fighting are both friends of yours, how do you respond to this? I’ve never had this problem. Why? Because I am never around when an altercation takes place. How would I handle this? I’m a big girl, I’ll just stop the damn thing. Honestly, life is too short to be fighting and I’m sure majority of the time the fight is over something completely retarded.  Unless I have been physically harmed, I’m not about to attack someone. Let’s all just be mature about the situation. I rather handle the situation where at least my friend an I can walk away without any repercussions, as opposed to it being one big stupid fight and someone ends up dead or in jail.

And, lastly  if your friend doesn’t like someone are you supposed to dislike that person as well? Doesn’t that just sound awfully petty? Why should you dislike someone that has done nothing to you just because your friend doesn’t like them? I feel that unless someone gives you a reason to dislike them, then you shouldn’t be so quick to dislike them as well. Though, because people are so petty, because your friend doesn’t like someone, that person naturally hates you as well because you are that person’s friend. It is sad, but that is the world we live in.

In all, being honest is the best way to keep and maintain a friendship. You should both be working to make each other better people. Due to society, you are who you hang out with, but it only makes sense. If you hang out with trouble, trouble is sure to find you regardless if you are involved or not. So, be wary of those you call friends and be good to those that are good to you.

Tata for now!