Wobbling over to Weebly

As per a new era of my blog, I have decided to Move from WordPress. It was a good run you guys, but I Am ready to say bye bye. No not to blogging but to the site! I am now moving to a Site called Weebly! I want to try this out and I am really excited about it! I even changed the name of my blog. I am not “The Daily Babble!” I thought this was a good idea since I realized that my posts are always all over the place. A mass of Confusion, which fits oh so perfectly! ^.^ I hope you guys follow me as I move! I love you all, but for now, farwell wordpress! It was fun while it lasted!




That’s the link to where you can find me now!



I was asked the other day if I knew who my dedicated readers were.

To be honest, I stopped caring about who read my blog or even my story a while back. It’s kind of why I stopped complaining about it. I write because I like to write and if someone reads and enjoys it then that’s great. I don’t get much likes or comments, but that’s fine. There aren’t a lot of views either but I’m not complaining. This is more for me than anything else.

It’s nice to get a comment or like here and there so I know exactly who is paying attention instead of just a random number to say someone was here. I’m not an out there person in the internet world or even in the real world so I know it would take time before I’m truly noticed. It’s not like I write anything that’s going to win me an award on this thing anyways. I appreciate everyone who comes out, and honestly, it does make me feel awesome when you do, but again that’s not why I do this.

As for my story, If you didn’t know, I am updating a story regularly (Well, regularly now) on Wattpad. You can find it here. http://www.wattpad.com/story/3833753-a-feral-affair It doesn’t have a lot of reads, nor comments either, but I do know at least two people who keep up with it and bite my head off when I stop updating. I enjoy what I am doing. I want to take it further than just being on the internet for fun. I want to make this a career. The support is limited but that’s okay. It’s a growing process and I am developing patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say.

So, again thanks to everyone who’s reading. Love you guys! Thanks! And when, not if, when I make it, I’ll never forget you.