Wobbling over to Weebly

As per a new era of my blog, I have decided to Move from WordPress. It was a good run you guys, but I Am ready to say bye bye. No not to blogging but to the site! I am now moving to a Site called Weebly! I want to try this out and I am really excited about it! I even changed the name of my blog. I am not “The Daily Babble!” I thought this was a good idea since I realized that my posts are always all over the place. A mass of Confusion, which fits oh so perfectly! ^.^ I hope you guys follow me as I move! I love you all, but for now, farwell wordpress! It was fun while it lasted!




That’s the link to where you can find me now!


Just give me a Reason

Just give me a reason just a little bit’s enough, just a second we’re not broken just bent and we can learn to love again!

The song practically speaks for itself. When Truth about Love originally came out, I depressed myself for a few days listening to this song because it just seems like the perfect song for when you feel like your relationship is falling apart. It hasn’t failed, but it’s getting some dents and bending and you don’t know how to react.

I find it funny how Pink was like “Everything is broken” and Nate is like “It’s all in your head” and this is exactly how it is in some relationships (Cough mine cough). You think something is wrong but everything is actually fine but all you really need is a reason, something so small, anything,  to help you feel a bit more secure.