Gotta Love the New Semester

So Spring Semester 2013 has officially started and I have all the classes I wanted with the exception of Spanish because I was pretty much forced to take that. I don’t speak spanish very well besides the basics and I really wanted french, but hey, you don’t always get what you want.

So, the day starts off pretty well. I go to spanish, all excited, of course I don’t have my textbook because my financial aid hasn’t kicked in yet. It’s the first day of class, what evil teacher would make you do work on the very first day anyways? So, I reach to Class and I’m one of the first few people there. This older lady is there and decides to hold a conversation with me about rushing from work to go to class and then she would have to leave again to go back to work when it was over. Cool. I just smiled and added my part because she was nice. All the while I’m thinking “Wow, she’s kinda….decrepit.” No, seriously, she was old. At least in her 70’s. Anyways, the Teacher comes in, everyone turns to face her, she opens her mouth and “Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Y Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish.” Now, I understand this is a spanish class, but for the first 25 minutes of class she spoke in nothing but spanish. This isn’t advanced spanish mind you, this is “Fundamental Spanish I” in other words “Spanish for dummies.” She was even asking us questions and trying to get us to introduce ourselves. I think the most common phrase for class was “Jo no se (I don’t know)” We were all lost, but after a while, we got an understanding and thankfully she started speaking english before class ended. Oh, she said Class would be predominantly spoken in spanish so I guess I better become friendly with that text book pretty soon.

Now the fun part. You just gotta Love my school. So, I went to the financial aid office to fix up my loans and stuff since I have 2 hours before my next class. Long story short, I got it done, I got my loan. I went to the cashier to accept my charges and CHA CHING the University actually owes me money. $402 to be exact. Praise baby Jesus. Hallelujah. I am ecstatic. Awesome, I just saved money without switching to geico. Guess who’s going to get those textbooks now? I am! So, I rush to the bookstore to get my books. The total comes up to $390.50. I’m at the register and the guys tells me “You need a voucher to get your books.” Tall Greek dude says what? He rings up my stuff and gives me the receipt and sends me back to the business office to get this voucher and then I would have to come all the way to get my stuff and then STILL go back onto campus for class. Let me tell you, my legs were cursing me. And to make matters worse, After waiting in that ridiculously long line for all of that, he tells me that when I get back I have to go into the line again. Ugh.

When that hell was over with, I go to Broadcast Communications. I was ready for this class. I cannot wait to get to the fun stuff. But it gets better. After thinking I had all my books, Teacher man goes “You need this other book” I’m like, Really? I really have to go spend more money? Cool. Class is over, I have 15 minutes till my next class which, thanks to my skillful ways of registering for class, happens to be in the same room. I rush out of the classroom and go the business office and ask “Do I need to go to the bookstore to get the voucher or can I get it here and then go the bookstore.” As if life was that easy. Nope. You have to go the bookstore first, get the receipt, then go the business office to get the voucher and then back to the bookstore. Oh yeah. Logic is just wasted on these people. Why not just give me the damn voucher, or better yet, the flipping money, and let me buy what I have to and be done with it. But who am to question the methods of a UNIVERSITY OF HIGHER LEARNING. Again. Ugh.

Get to the bookstore, the book I need is 42.75. Well, I decided to buy it another day. I rush back to class only to find out there are only currently 5 people in my entire class, and my teacher was almost 15 minutes late. My “Forget it” kicked in right then and there. All that running around, only to reach before the teacher. My legs were killing me, I was tired, I was sleepy, I was ready to go home.

Go home? You have no ride home Markida. Yay! I forgot about that.

No worries, I got home safely though, and that was the end of my day. I have homework already And all I’m thinking while I type this is….

Is it friday yet?