Instagram Rules

Do you have an instagram? If not, that’s fine, no one is forcing you to conform to society’s need to broadcast your every waking move, meal, and thoughts.

However, for those of you that do have one, have you ever noticed the people that nag and complain about what people should and should not do on your own page? Well I certainly have and let me tell you it is a task each and every day to not want to go upside their head with a brick.

Aside from the rules stated in the terms and agreement, which I just know you all read, there appears to be a second set of rules that seemed to have been misplaced.

Allow me to list and describe them for you:

Rule #1 : You cannot put 15 exact replicate pictures of yourself in different styles/picstitches/pose, in less than 2 minutes. PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO THIS. And I have to admit, it is terribly annoying. Imagine scrolling through your feed and you see this one person’s face at least 15 times with basically the same damn picture. But, it is their page. When It gets to this point, why not just unfollow them? Oh the same goes for folks that upload pictures of textgrams or supposedly funny images.

Rule #2 : Hashtags are a no no. Some people feel that they are too good for hashtags and as such they feel that everyone else must not use them. I use hashtags as of lately. Why? Because I fucking can. They actually do something and there are people that look for certain tags (like How I tend to look for Tall, muscular, darkskin men because they are so gotdamn fine) the problem, however, comes from folks who hashtag things like #oh #idk #like #this #because #every #word #needs #to #be #tagged …. Really now? But again, your page. It ain’t ruining my day.

Rule #3: Ratings. Instagram went through this phase where people were doing group rates. It was a terrible time for instagram. Many lives were lost in this epidemic, but thankfully the instagram world is recovering from that plague. I guess it was a fun game, it was supposed to liven things up, it created drama, but of course people just hated it.

Rule #4: Shoutouts. Some folks, do a shoutout for people when they like at least 6 or more of their pictures in a row. I don’t. why? Because it’s like I am putting that person on the spot. Why should everyone know that you liked so many of my pictures? And frankly it makes my page look so unorganized. Again, it’s disliked thing. It was another terrible epidemic that swiped through instagram because it was abused to the point that you wanted to cyber slap people.

Rule #5: Food. Okay, we’ve seen them. You know where I am going with this. When someone uploads a picture of food on instagram, you think it would be a 5 star meal. These days, five star meals look like cornflakes, noodles, snacks, whatever you can think of. It’s basic meals. Unattractive meals. No amount of filter can make them look like an awesometastic meal no matter how much you try. But alas, that’s what is being done. It’s stupid, it’s ridiculous, and that leads to rule number five, stop uploading your crappy meals for the world to see.

Does it seem like I am one of the people that created these rules? Nah, I’m not. I don’t care really. Because when it all comes down to it, when you break my newsfeed with your bullshit, I happen to know that I can unfollow you the same way that I followed you to begin with. No hard feelings. You were just being obnoxious.



Social Network Junky

Up until recently I had an addiction of sorts to the Social Networking World, but now I find that I’ve grown tired of them. The people, the concept, everything just seems to played out. Facebook has taken a nosedive into the pits of hell what with the ads everywhere, the constant game/app requests, the “Liking” phase, Ugh. It’s terrible. I remember when Facebook was the “It” of all Networks. But then it kept updating, 12 year olds have attacked it, fake pages, the porn, it’s awful now. I don’t even bother to add folks anymore. I’m sure I don’t know 1000 people. Now, I use facebook to only keep in contact with close friends and relatives. I don’t need to make new friends nor am I interested. If I don’t know you, chances are that request is going to stay there (just because I don’t want you to send it AGAIN).  Apparently I need to like a picture to confirm my gender, if I love my mother, if I think a couple is cute, if I think this chick is bad, if I believe in Jesus (or the devil apparently if I keep scrolling)…Jeesh, I had no idea a “like” determined so much about life. Where have I been all this time?

Twitter. Twitter was okay for a bit, but I kept getting in trouble for stupid things. Honestly. You can’t write a general statement without some bimbo assuming it’s for them. Are you honestly that guilty? More importantly, why does the opinion of someone you’ve never met even matter to you? Life must be terribly droll for you. There was a time when you could write whatever you wanted on twitter, but now it’s like you have to carefully step around land mines else you’ll end up in pointless twitter drama. And that’s all that really happens on Twitter now. Pointless drama. I think when you hit a certain age, All internet Drama..All drama period should come to an abrupt halt. It’s time to grow up. If it doesn’t concern you, stay out of it. If you don’t agree, agree to disagree and move on. If you have nothing nice to say, shut up. Life would be so much easier. But instead we’ve got folks who LOOK for trouble, put their nose in everyone’s business, then decide they want to take it to the streets cuz they are “bad bitches” and “real dudes.” They portray themselves as something they are not and are constantly looking for approval in some form or fashion. Really, what are you doing with your life?

Instagram. I never took instagram seriously. I thought it was just to put up pictures. I mostly uploaded food like “Hey, I’m eating a bagel.” Probably not what it’s for, but hey I’m no celebrity, there is nothing picture worthy going on in my life except maybe I managed to burn water. However, I see more “Tweegrams, Textgrams, Notes, etc” on Instagram than actual pictures. And not little ones either. I’m talking about ‘You might as well had written this on facebook” length notes. Seriously, if you wanted to write a novel you could have done it somewhere else and it’s the stupidest notes too. Notes about how they only “fuck” with a group of people, or how to keep others out of your relationship, or pictures of long conversations with their friend. Meanwhile I’m still trying to upload the Fruity pebbles I ate this morning.

I’m bored of it all now.  Once you’ve joined one, you’ve pretty much joined them all.


My fruity pebbles never uploaded *sadness*