People Care TOO much

I wasn’t going to write a post today because exams are here and I have finals to study for as well as projects to finish. However, a recent incident provoked me into venting or else I would have a building rage inside of me and most likely would take it out on the nearest person. As to prevent an unwarranted outburst, I took to the blog where it is safer (physically) for others.

I learned some unfortunate news via facebook and like most news of this category, I find that is completely DISRESPECTFUL to post such things on net before even being sure if the family or close friends of the person are aware. Worst if the situation is only a rumor and has not been proven true by of course the family or news. Because of this, I wrote a post and it went as such:

“My timeline went from 0 – 200 in less than a 60 seconds. When you all hear rumors I beg that you learn the facts before you subject others to premature heart attacks. It’s only right and respectful because you never know whom you are hurting when you post something that turns out to be false! Especially in cases of death!”

The case, is in fact, of death. That was my status. My aim was not to hurt anyone and as you can clearly see, if your comprehension skills are up to par, it basically says that if you are not sure if someone has passed, don’t write about it on Facebook because it is disrespectful.

So I get a phone call about it from one of my friends whom, basically tells me to take it down because I don’t know who I will make mad because of it.

#Pause #Brake #HoldThePhone

For one, I didn’t insult anyone, I didn’t attack anyone, I was pretty polite and used excellent mannerisms as opposed to going “Shut the Fuck up if you don’t know if it’s true” Which is really what I was thinking.

Secondly, I’m not about to pull the “It’s my facebook, I can write what I want” stunt, because while it is true, that doesn’t make it right, however, what I will say, is that If you become aggravated because of something I write, then most likely it is because you’re possibly guilty of what I am writing of, easily offended, and all around childish. My statuses, while they may come off as harsh, are usually things people are THINKING but are too busy pussyfooting around the matter or just too chicken to say it. So, I say it and I say it kindly (lately because I am not always this kind).

You know why people don’t say the things they really want to say? It’s not because they are considerate or believe in “Have nothing nice to say then say nothing.” No, it’s because they care too much about how others will perceive them if they voice their opinion.

And THAT right there is the problem with Society. Especially Virgin Island Society. Everyone wants to voice an opinion only when their opinion follows the standards of the opinions of others. Majority of the time, when they post opinions about hard hitting situations, their “Opinions” are EXACTLY THE SAME as the others that have posted before, only worded differently. It’s like reading the same sets of statuses over and over and while people think they are getting a point across, they are not. So we end up stagnant in this perpetual cycle of POINTLESS thoughts because everyone was too busy being a copy cat. That too is why nothing changes. I compare it to how the government is ran. They’re keeping the same set of workers (opinions and thoughts) and not incorporating new ones,  thus leaving no room for GROWTH.

I am not going to be mum because I may hurt someone’s feelings. Perhaps they need their feelings to be hurt.

I am sick and tired of learning about deaths through facebook before there is any clarity of the situation and I am sure that the families and close friends of these people feel the same. It is downright disrespectful and if you feel that I am “Going to make someone mad” by saying so, then so be it. Let them Be mad. I could not care less.

Oh and let’s all be prepared for the picstitches, the long statuses about how long they knew the person or were so close, the “We need to come together // do better as a community” statuses, and The whiners going “This only happens in the VI” whom are followed by the “I’m moving out of the VI” to go, oh you know, the states where people get blown up running, shot in movie theaters, schools, churches, the list goes on.

Yeah. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of this cycle. It’s the same pattern, by the SAME SET OF FUCKING PEOPLE, every single time and you know what, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even think they are saying these things to be considerate. I think they are saying it to get likes, to seem sympathetic and of course to follow the “Opinion trend.”

That is all.



Burr It’s cold in here

Burr, It’s cold in here. There must be some Caribs in the atmosphere, I said BURR it’s cold in here, uhhuh there must be Caribs in the atmosphere. Oh ee oh ee oh, Ice Ice Ice.

Ahem. I couldn’t resist. Caribs was the mascot of my High School.

But moving along.

It’s been really cold lately in the sunny little Virgin Islands. This is really weird considering that the coldest is usually about 70-74 degrees. Not only is the nippy weather annoying, but the people running around going “That’s not cold” are even far more annoying.

When you live on an island in the tropics, the last thing you are ever worried about is the cold. Why? Because the temperatures and the seasons revolve around heat. What this place lacks in cold and shade it makes up for with seering heat and blinding sunshine. We don’t get winter. Our seasons consist of Hot, Hurricane Season (Joyous), hotter, and friggin Ridiculous.

Now, all of sudden, it was 51 degrees the other night and I was in tears. I usually limit the clothes I sleep in, but due to the weather, I was forced to pull out a long sleeved shirt and sweat pants. What kind of madness is that? I should be sleeping in a bra and boyshorts.

So, I take myself to facebook and write “51* Why is it so cold?” because Facebook was kind enough to ask me what was on my mind. Then, low and behold someone waltzes under my status and say “That’s not cold” and then proceed to ask me if I want to know what is cold.

Three things.

1) I wasn’t raised in cold weather. If it is below 70, it is cold TO ME, because I am not USED to COLD WEATHER.

2) OBVIOUSLY I don’t want to know what cold is, because I am already perturbed by what you deem is not cold. Is it not blatantly obvious that I do not want to experience any form of cold?

3)Who are you to decide what is cold to someone and what is not cold? Who died and made you the weather man. What? So suddenly you’re the Ice king/Queen.This isn’t adventure time, be gone with your foolishness.

I’m waiting for a speck of snow to fall. At the rate this is going, I won’t even be surprised.

And you know what. If it does, I hope it’s enough so I can order some Ice skates and go ice skating on Creque Dam.

For Information on what exactly is Creque Dam (Pronounced Creaky Dam) Visit

Social Network Junky

Up until recently I had an addiction of sorts to the Social Networking World, but now I find that I’ve grown tired of them. The people, the concept, everything just seems to played out. Facebook has taken a nosedive into the pits of hell what with the ads everywhere, the constant game/app requests, the “Liking” phase, Ugh. It’s terrible. I remember when Facebook was the “It” of all Networks. But then it kept updating, 12 year olds have attacked it, fake pages, the porn, it’s awful now. I don’t even bother to add folks anymore. I’m sure I don’t know 1000 people. Now, I use facebook to only keep in contact with close friends and relatives. I don’t need to make new friends nor am I interested. If I don’t know you, chances are that request is going to stay there (just because I don’t want you to send it AGAIN).  Apparently I need to like a picture to confirm my gender, if I love my mother, if I think a couple is cute, if I think this chick is bad, if I believe in Jesus (or the devil apparently if I keep scrolling)…Jeesh, I had no idea a “like” determined so much about life. Where have I been all this time?

Twitter. Twitter was okay for a bit, but I kept getting in trouble for stupid things. Honestly. You can’t write a general statement without some bimbo assuming it’s for them. Are you honestly that guilty? More importantly, why does the opinion of someone you’ve never met even matter to you? Life must be terribly droll for you. There was a time when you could write whatever you wanted on twitter, but now it’s like you have to carefully step around land mines else you’ll end up in pointless twitter drama. And that’s all that really happens on Twitter now. Pointless drama. I think when you hit a certain age, All internet Drama..All drama period should come to an abrupt halt. It’s time to grow up. If it doesn’t concern you, stay out of it. If you don’t agree, agree to disagree and move on. If you have nothing nice to say, shut up. Life would be so much easier. But instead we’ve got folks who LOOK for trouble, put their nose in everyone’s business, then decide they want to take it to the streets cuz they are “bad bitches” and “real dudes.” They portray themselves as something they are not and are constantly looking for approval in some form or fashion. Really, what are you doing with your life?

Instagram. I never took instagram seriously. I thought it was just to put up pictures. I mostly uploaded food like “Hey, I’m eating a bagel.” Probably not what it’s for, but hey I’m no celebrity, there is nothing picture worthy going on in my life except maybe I managed to burn water. However, I see more “Tweegrams, Textgrams, Notes, etc” on Instagram than actual pictures. And not little ones either. I’m talking about ‘You might as well had written this on facebook” length notes. Seriously, if you wanted to write a novel you could have done it somewhere else and it’s the stupidest notes too. Notes about how they only “fuck” with a group of people, or how to keep others out of your relationship, or pictures of long conversations with their friend. Meanwhile I’m still trying to upload the Fruity pebbles I ate this morning.

I’m bored of it all now.  Once you’ve joined one, you’ve pretty much joined them all.


My fruity pebbles never uploaded *sadness*

Twitter, Facebook, and Relationships

Time and time again I hear that twitter and facebook ruins relationships. This is because people broadcast every and anything about their relationship to others on these social networks.

But that’s not true.

People ruin relationships.

No matter what it is that is posted on these sites, the only thing capable of ruining a relationship is people. If you choose to let what other folks say about your relationship bother you, because of what you posted then that is a personal problem.  It has nothing to do with the site. After all, who placed it there? Was it not you?

Your relationship is determined based on your own actions and the actions of your significant other.  Twitter and facebook have nothing to do with it. Last year I was in a situation where pure ignorance led to me having a large argument with my Boyfriend on both facebook and twitter. We’re still together. It won’t happen again, but if we broke up, it would have been because of the fight and how stupid it was rather than who saw it and had something to say.

People are going to talk no matter what you do anyways. (sick world we live in)

Regardless, If you notice, clearly in the boxes for facebook and Twitter they ask (What’s on your mind and What’s happening). It’s your choice to put whatever you want. It’s your page,and if people have a problem with what you are writing, then maybe they shouldn’t be there. However, You should also realize that somethings are not meant for the worldwide web.

Don’t let a website determine the status of your relationship.