Losing Weight

I stopped tracking my weight loss progress because I felt like I was too enamored with with results and not putting in enough effort to get those results.

I woke up this morning, well, afternoon… Tomato tomahto, and I decided to try on this dress that I’ve had in my closet for years. On several occasions I was supposed to wear this dress, but my body would not fit in it, and if it did, the zipper would not yield to my direction and go up.

I was prepared to face defeat once again as I tried on the dress, shimmying my rump into the fabric. As I zipped myself up, thinking “Here we go again” I realized that the zipper had yet to stick.

And then I was in it.

After years of not being able to get into the damned thing, it went on with far too much ease. For a moment, I assumed I was still dreaming, until my grandmother walked in and Told me that If I bent over it would probably fall apart. There is probably some truth to that. While I did fit into the dress, I feared that the right deep breath or the odd position would unravel the entire thing.


So, I count this is as progress. I hope that one day I can wear it and bend over and nothing happens.

Till then, I’lll continue with my walks, runs, and other fitness routines. Fitting into this dress is but one goal accomplished. Until I have abs, then I have not reached my goal.

Peace and WOOHOO to me!



Hell on Heels

So, after reading “The Complete Guide to Not giving a fuck” two weeks ago, I decided to step out of my shell a little ( I posted it for everyone to read).

I showed up to auditions for my University’s fashion show, but honestly, I only had intentions to work backstage. The head of Student activities (and my past boss) suggested that I put my height (5’10 – 5’11) to use and take part in the show….and she also said only losers worked backstage. How rude. But regardless, under normal circumstances I would have ignored her completely, huffed at the statement, and not try out at all. However, I decided to give it a go.


I can’t walk in heels.

Or rather, I never owned heels and never had a reason to walk in them.

But…Oh well. Who cares. I’ve seen people look like an utter mess in heels and they still give it a go so why shouldn’t I? I threw all fucks to the side and did it.

I’m coming out! I want the world to know, gonna let it show! *strut, strut*

I bought a new pair of heels and I’m gonna practice the hell out them. It’s not about the walk. It’s the confidence. I think
that’s my largest flaw. But, I’ve grown so tired of feeling like I’m under the bridge compared to others.  Worst of all, I’m almost 6’3 in these shoes. It’s a long way down if I happen to trip and fall and may the lord have mercy on my ankles. Still, I made a commitment and I am going to see it through until I either break a leg or get the boot.

Until then, I’ll be strutting these long legs around for the world to see.