The Break is over

Guess who’s back? Back again? Kida’s back! Tell a friend! Now everyone report to the Blog page, to the blog page, to the blog page. Now everyone report to the blog page, alright stop…..Rambling time!

You have no idea how much fun I had with that just now. Seriously. Slim Shady is always a means for good fun.


I took a break for pretty much the entire month of december because, well, it’s the holidays; time for eating, sleeping, fun, more sleep, shenanigans, and elicit activities. For me, it was just mostly sleeping and eating and cuddling.

Yes, I said cuddling.

I had the best surprise ever this christmas. On Christmas day itself the love of my life (hush) returned from Germany! I wasn’t expecting it all because I was thoroughly lied to! I was told he would not be coming at all until summer of 2013 because of some passport nonsense of the other, but it was just one big lie the whole time! I don’t trust anything he says now about when he is coming again but it was the best surprise ever. Like the child I am, I cried like a big slobbering baby when he came. Our daughter on the hand, because she’s much more mature than I am at just 4 months old, just stared at him, while probably wonder if she could spit and dribble on this guy too. Needless to say, she did. Mission Accomplished on Baby’s part.

He spent almost everyday at my place, learning the ways of parenthood and emptying out his pockets because babies are expensive and this one plans to eat us out of house and home. We went a few times, nothing fancy, but each moment was still precious. I think Shira (our daughter) has a love//hate thing with him because he insists on “Cutting her cheeks.” The fool enjoyed making a scissors with his fingers and squeezing poor Shira’s cheeks between them (Not hard of course). She hates it. Oh and there was his habit of making her follow his iphone, and telling her “Let’s sleep” when he knows she had no intentions of sleeping.Sigh. I think I have two kids now that I think about it.

Him aside, December to Early January marked the beginning of the 60th anniversary of the Crucian Christmas festival. It was huge, it was grand, it was filled with dancing, parades, lights, costumes, food, music, rides, games, food, wild and worthless behavior and food! I saw many faces that thought I had disappeared from the planet because I am such an antisocial person that refuses to leave her house. If I had a dollar for everyone that said “That’s Markida? or Markida that’s you?” I would probably be swimming in cash right about now.

But it has come to a close and now begins the start of Spring Semester 2013. I have four classes this semester, and I am actually looking forward to them. Can’t wait! I plan to work hard and Play hard this semester! It’s a new year and I would like to start getting my life on track.



Welcome to Parenthood

My little princess


Lots of people love them, lots of folks have them, many don’t need them.

After having one of my own I’ve been forced to do what I hadn’t been doing much of before–Thinking and being responsible. Yes dammit I’ve been forced to become an adult. It’s not about me anymore, it’s about “us.” What I do now affects not only me, but my child as well. I have to set an example, watch how I speak and how I carry myself. I mean, she’s–yes, baby girl–only a month old and probably won’t remember that I let loose the F bomb on several occasions, but hey, you never know. Babies are devious little beings. I don’t care what science has to say, I’m sure as they get older they have a subconscious remembrance of things that happened and I don’t want to be that parent that is hanging out among friends and baby decides to go “fuck” in the middle of the conversation.

But I digress.

Now about parenthood. I’m used to babies that are older than 4 months. Newborns? Never had to deal with any. Barely interacted with them. I sure don’t hold them either. I used to feel like they would break in my hands because of how fragile they looked.

Well, when you get one of your own, you can’t exactly not hold or interact with your own kid. That would be terrible.

And here is where reality sets in.

Babies are hard work. I’ve only been with her for a month and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some of the marbles that I barely had to begin with. I can’t take the crying. A baby’s cry is without a doubt the most awful sound on the face of the planet. It’s worst when they are crying and you feel like you’ve done everything but they wont. stop. crying. And damn they can eat. I would kill for 8 hours of straight sleep instead of this 2-3 hours that I’ve been getting. Because that’s how she operates. She eats every 2-3 hours then goes to sleep, and I have to follow that pattern to get some rest too.


No, I’m not calling for assistance, I’m going to talk about having help. You might as well say I’m a single parent. I currently live with my Mother, stepfather, two brothers and sister, and you would think that would be plenty of help.


Everyone has their own stuff to deal with it. Sure they would come by to rant about how “cute and small” the baby is, but to stick around and actually help with things like washing bottles, feed her, change her, nope, they all disappear. Now, I’m not saying they are obligated to help me at all. They didn’t help make her, so she isn’t exactly their responsibility  but what I am saying is that when the child’s father isn’t around to help share the load (because he SUUUURRREEEE did help make her) it’s difficult. No, he didn’t pull the “That ain’t my baby” stunt and disappear and he isn’t a deadbeat. He’s in Germany. Military, the ultimate manstealer -_- so it’s not like he can do much but send support from a distance.

Yeah it’s only been a month and I’m already complaining. Go figure. But I can’t say I’m miserable. I don’t regret having her so soon either.

I love that little girl.

P.S my mind was so jumbled when I wrote this so I apologize if it seems like it doesn’t have a purpose.

(Top Picture is my Daughter)