Instagram Rules

Do you have an instagram? If not, that’s fine, no one is forcing you to conform to society’s need to broadcast your every waking move, meal, and thoughts.

However, for those of you that do have one, have you ever noticed the people that nag and complain about what people should and should not do on your own page? Well I certainly have and let me tell you it is a task each and every day to not want to go upside their head with a brick.

Aside from the rules stated in the terms and agreement, which I just know you all read, there appears to be a second set of rules that seemed to have been misplaced.

Allow me to list and describe them for you:

Rule #1 : You cannot put 15 exact replicate pictures of yourself in different styles/picstitches/pose, in less than 2 minutes. PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO THIS. And I have to admit, it is terribly annoying. Imagine scrolling through your feed and you see this one person’s face at least 15 times with basically the same damn picture. But, it is their page. When It gets to this point, why not just unfollow them? Oh the same goes for folks that upload pictures of textgrams or supposedly funny images.

Rule #2 : Hashtags are a no no. Some people feel that they are too good for hashtags and as such they feel that everyone else must not use them. I use hashtags as of lately. Why? Because I fucking can. They actually do something and there are people that look for certain tags (like How I tend to look for Tall, muscular, darkskin men because they are so gotdamn fine) the problem, however, comes from folks who hashtag things like #oh #idk #like #this #because #every #word #needs #to #be #tagged …. Really now? But again, your page. It ain’t ruining my day.

Rule #3: Ratings. Instagram went through this phase where people were doing group rates. It was a terrible time for instagram. Many lives were lost in this epidemic, but thankfully the instagram world is recovering from that plague. I guess it was a fun game, it was supposed to liven things up, it created drama, but of course people just hated it.

Rule #4: Shoutouts. Some folks, do a shoutout for people when they like at least 6 or more of their pictures in a row. I don’t. why? Because it’s like I am putting that person on the spot. Why should everyone know that you liked so many of my pictures? And frankly it makes my page look so unorganized. Again, it’s disliked thing. It was another terrible epidemic that swiped through instagram because it was abused to the point that you wanted to cyber slap people.

Rule #5: Food. Okay, we’ve seen them. You know where I am going with this. When someone uploads a picture of food on instagram, you think it would be a 5 star meal. These days, five star meals look like cornflakes, noodles, snacks, whatever you can think of. It’s basic meals. Unattractive meals. No amount of filter can make them look like an awesometastic meal no matter how much you try. But alas, that’s what is being done. It’s stupid, it’s ridiculous, and that leads to rule number five, stop uploading your crappy meals for the world to see.

Does it seem like I am one of the people that created these rules? Nah, I’m not. I don’t care really. Because when it all comes down to it, when you break my newsfeed with your bullshit, I happen to know that I can unfollow you the same way that I followed you to begin with. No hard feelings. You were just being obnoxious.



The Curse of being Female

Sometimes I damn my Uterus.

I know what you’re thinking, she’s about to rampage about females and their periods, but guess what, that’s only partially correct.

I don’t think men understand how lucky they are to be men. They don’t have to worry about periods, or child birth, or the wind blowing too hard and you get a yeast infection (These things are so stupidly easy to get).

And I know there are some women out there dying to spew the “I’m proud to be a woman, childbirth is a gift, blah blah blah” but can you honestly say that there aren’t days when you drop on your knees and go “WHY WAS I CURSED WITH A VAGINA?” because I know I certainly have on many occasions.

And let me tell you, having a child is a gift in and of itself, I won’t deny that, but the birthing process is not beautiful in the least. The end result is like a crime scene just happened in and around your vagina. And babies aren’t as cute when they just slip out either, they are covered in blood and the umbilical cord is gross to look at and you feel like crap or in my case high thanks to the epidural. Oh and you know what, you might rip the skin from your vagina to your butt and have to get stitches which makes using the bathroom and even sitting down highly uncomfortable.

Just so you know.

Guys, you don’t have to worry about this. Aren’t you lucky. I don’t know what men get as a substitute to a period, but I can only assume if there is none then suffering with our bipolar moods and constant cravings are punishment enough on your part. Oh, and if you have girlfriend, lack of vaginal sex….unless you’re into that…which all I can say is….ew. Most females I know are stuck between being overly hormonal and horny but thoroughly pissed because they can’t engage in the act,and wanting to rip the man’s head from his shoulders because he doesn’t have to deal with it.

A guy once told me, “I bet if Eve didn’t eat that apple girls wouldn’t have periods.” But here’s an interesting perspective, What if Eve ate the damn apple because she was on her period and craving apples but Adam was too fucking lazy to go find another one so she just ate the nearest available one? Yeah she was told not to, but when you’re bleeding from your crotch, rational and logic are wasted on you.

Just saying.


The Miley Wop

I change my avatar more than *Insert witty comparison here*. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

I was supposed to write on this a while back when I first discovered it. Apparently, Miley Cyrus decided to do a “twerking” video to the song “Wop” by J Dash. I never heard of the song until I saw the video. I only watched the video because I was curious. People were making such a big deal about it that I felt like it was my duty to see what all the HOOBLAH was about.

It wasn’t worth the hype.

What I expected to see was Miley, in a skimpy outfit, butt out, looking like a tramp, shaking her booty for the world to see. Maybe even go on her head for a moment and butt hump the wall.

But she didnt.

She was fully clothed. Literally. She was in a unicorn body suit, even though fools have mistaken it for a frog. I don’t even know how. The only thing that was off, was that her boobs were trying to twerk as well because she wasn’t wearing a bra “Obviously”. Oh yeah, she bent over and shook her rump a little too.

The video was more hilarious to me than anything else. Hell, it was even kind of cool. She looked like she thoroughly enjoyed herself and I want a full body animal suit to “WOP” in as well.

Yes, I want to learn that dance and do it as well. Because I can. And how dare you question why.

The best part of the video was that you didn’t even KNOW it was Miley until the very end when she threw off the hoody. So, if she had just left it on, no one would have a thing to say. But, because people can’t let the celebrities live in peace, they just had to go pick on Miley.

While we are talking about her, I’m sad that she is leaving Liam. Why? Because she took too long to do it. I wanted Liam. Liam is so fine. mmmmmmmm


*wipes drool* I’m sorry.

I thought they would make it though. But guess all good things have to come to an end. Hope she grows back out her hair though.


Here is the video

New New New

So I am working on becoming a new and improved me. I think it’s about that time. I got a lot out of my system and am now renovating myself. I figure, if I put my best foot forward with this then it will lead to a better and brighter future. For one, I need to break out of my shell completely and go sky diving, but perhaps I should try being less of an introvert. I’m terribly antisocial. I don’t get along with people, especially females, and while I do not necessarily want to change this, I would like to tweak it a little. Who knows, I may have been missing out on meeting some great people because I was always so locked up in myself.

I also got back on the horse and starting writing once again. I am almost at the limit I set for myself as well. Every week, I need to to atleast 9 pages on the story I was working on. I want to hit Chapter 14 before mid April, and then I can start uploading them every week again. This way, I stay ahead of my updates, and ready for the next each and every time. I’m happy with this. Weight loss? I’m in no rush anymore. In fact, I think I may leave the ROTC program that I joined. It’s not for me. I’m not interested in the military and I Can’t finish the whole program anyways because I’m graduating right around the corner. I’ll take my PE classes like I should or PLS. And, I’ll try to hit the gym or at least run around my neighborhood. At home, I can do what I can. Eating healthier will forever take time. So will drinking so much water but If I practice then I know I can do it.

Love? I’m putting love on hold. I need to focus on ME instead of WE because obviously he is focusing on HIM while I’m over here giving myself an aneurysm for no reason. My daughter is who needs my ultimate focus right now. Everyone else can pretty much wait. If not, then oh well.

Personal social networks are dead to me. All they do is put thoughts in my head that don’t need to be there. As such, I’ve already long deleted my twitter and I’m about to say bye bye to facebook. I’ll keep the facebook page for this site however because I like to have more than one outlet. But it won’t be personal use obviously. It will be for my writing whether it is poems, short stories, blog updates and the like.

So, yeah, I did a lot of thinking especially after talking to those closest to me. I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do either so if anyone decides to stop speaking to me for whatever reason then oh well. It’s my life, I shall live it how I want. I need to focus on me. It’s about time I did.  and I’m starting……………


Being Angry

Folks fail to realize how tiring it is to be angry all the time. It’s such an energy absorbing emotion and I honestly can’t keep up with it anymore. I had to delete a previous post because my “fuck it” kicked in at the moment. Really, I don’t have the time. I have a daughter to handle and I cant afford to return home, after a long day, seething about something I cannot control. Financial wise aside, I feel like a single mother. Well, according tot he government, I AM a single mother. So I guess I should. I’d like for someone to text me and ask me “How am I doing.” No, not “How’s the baby,” Not “What’s the baby doing,” None of that. The baby is fine. She has been fine. What about her mother? I mean, she obviously didn’t get here on her own. Some of you may be saying, well, isn’t that why you have a boyfriend. Because boyfriends are supposed to take the stress away and make you feel good about yourself, and say just the right things even if they are some of the stupidest things they could think of saying. But no. I’m in love with an oblivious jackass, so no, I don’t get that. So, I go hone stressed, deal with constantly nagging relatives, a baby, school work, the stifling reminder that I am unemployed, and the person you expect to pop in and say something as simple as “It’s okay babe” or some sappy shit like that, can’t do it because his seconds are apparently caught up doing other things that come before me.

And I’m tired of it. I’m not going to talk about it anymore. No more posts, no more texts, no more calls, no more hints. Nothing.


Taking an extended emotional vacation.


My body is ready

I’ve been editing the story I have been writing and semi-neglecting. Now and again I lose the ability to keep focused, but I’ve been getting it back. So, I was pretty focused for like an hour today and while writing I found myself inexplicably turned on by what I was writing. Why? Because I am too aware that it will be some time before I get to indulge in the very thing I am writing about. And, the more I think about it, the more it both frustrates and entices me. I guess I am a glutton for punishment. I blame my friend abigahil for this. She insisted that I write erotic short stories and now that’s all my head is filled with. Am I the only one that envisions myself and the person I am interested in as the characters in the story? I hope not.

So, I’m here, reading and writing and thinking to myself that when I see my boyfriend again I might find myself backflipping into the bed, striking and pose and whispering “Come, my body is ready.”


My body is ready