Wobbling over to Weebly

As per a new era of my blog, I have decided to Move from WordPress. It was a good run you guys, but I Am ready to say bye bye. No not to blogging but to the site! I am now moving to a Site called Weebly! I want to try this out and I am really excited about it! I even changed the name of my blog. I am not “The Daily Babble!” I thought this was a good idea since I realized that my posts are always all over the place. A mass of Confusion, which fits oh so perfectly! ^.^ I hope you guys follow me as I move! I love you all, but for now, farwell wordpress! It was fun while it lasted!




That’s the link to where you can find me now!


Release the brain fart

I began this year doing pretty well with my weight loss. I was putting effort into eating right, I was going to PT on time, I was doing extra PT at home. I mean, I was a fucking beast. I can do at least 3 pushups now. That may not mean much to you, but for someone with no upper body strength and who was pretty much a lazy piece of shit that means plenty! I’m sure I can run and do more situps than I ever could before.

However, now I seem to be going backwards instead of forward. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was the building stress, maybe it was hormones, maybe it was the lack of sex, who really knows. But one day I got up and I was pretty much going food crazy. I was eating everything like a mad woman.


I would then look at my growing pudge and tell myself, It’s okay, You can work it off tomorrow…I’m still waiting for tomorrow to come.

I have this one friend that has a habit of putting me down all the time. Friends apparently do that, but there’s a certain tone and process that one goes about when insulting a friend. For one, when you can obviously see that they feel gross, you don’t tell them that they are gross. It hurts, it sucks, and for a while I felt like absolute shit and wanted to stab her in the eye with a ballpoint papermate black ink pen. I sat in my bedroom and wallowed for a bit while the voice in my head was going “I am a fucking loser” with my hands widespread in the air, shouting up to the rainbows. Then I got over it. I literally woke up and said this bitch has nothing on me. And you know why? Because I’m awesome. duh.


I haven’t written about love in a while and let me tell you, not thinking about that shit has done wonders for my health. I love my boyfriend dearly and although things seemed rough for a moment, I realized that it was all in my head. I was manifesting problems that were not there because my heart is obviously full of shit, So I had to remind her kindly to mind her gotdamn motherfucking business and that her job was pump blood and not a damn thing else.

I’ve seen people do some crazy shit for love and It concerns me a little. I mean, if the world was the kind of place where you had to shoot yourself to show your love, I’m sure a lot of people would be dead. Why? Because they like the attention and want to make it seem like they have the perfect love life. Now, I’m not saying I don’t love my boyfriend enough to shoot myself, but If I had to, I was shooting myself in the leg. The thigh preferably. I mean, I love you, but I’m not a friggin idiot.

To add to that, Have you noticed how people make everything harder than it should be? A yes or not question can turn into an essay sometimes and I think that’s what makes things difficult. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes you may be wrong, but shit, it’s better than beating around the bush. At the end, your choices are what matters. Ask me if I want to beat certain people in the head with a 40 pound rucksack. Of course I do. I’ll tell you yes. I’ll yell it to the high heavens. That doesn’t mean I’m going to do it though….yet.


Jurassic Park is in 3D, so it’s pretty much like Titanic and the Lion King on the list of movies that are ancient but were remade so you can see the shit flying at you to give you a semi-heart attack and so you can waste your money to see the exact same fucking movie you watched a decade ago.

But I digress.

I saw someone write “Rawr” means I love you in dinosaur. And I admit, I used to write it too because it sounded cute…until I realized how moronic it is. This isn’t “A land before time” Little foot may have made you believe that dinosaurs are cute and musical but Even little foot can stomp the shit out of you on a good day just because she/he/it could. What the hell was little foot anyways? A guy? If so, clearly he needed to hit puberty with that high pitched, whiny voice.

If you have never seen Jurrasic Park or any dinosaur movie, then I suggest you take a gander at them and you will learn that “rawr” doesn’t mean “I love you” it means “I’m going to fucking eat you.”

You know what’s sexy? Suits and Uniform oh, and my guy’s sleepy voice.  I don’t know why but these make my hormones levels raise to heights that would one would consider above and beyond normal.



An Eye for an Eye in the VI

Today, The Virgin Islands lost yet another young man in an act of senseless violence.

Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, it has been a while since someone died over the weekend, and I was praising the change that I thought was coming. I honestly believed that we, as a people, were growing above the pathetic, uncivil and moral less behavior that was becoming a normal custom to the Islands.

But I was wrong.

It saddens me to think that we are still living in such a state. No, It SICKENS me. Had we not learned anything from Monday’s tragedy in Boston? Had we not learned that every life was precious? Apparently not.

What worries me now, is the retaliation that is sure to follow and that soon to come retaliation is why I am writing this post.

The young man was well known and it seems he had many friends. Of them, I saw many posts that spoke of revenge, an eye for an eye. The rage written in these posts sent a shiver down my spine as I know that all it will do is leave yet another bloody and mournful path for us to walk on.

An eye for an eye does not bring justice. Revenge nor any form of vigilante justice will bring peace to his soul. All it will do is create a domino effect and leave a trail of bodies at our wake.

Revenge is never the answer. No matter how much you feel that someone “deserves” death, you are not God, you do not have the right to take the life of another, and all you will be doing is setting yourself up to become the very person that you just put to death.

Murdering a Murderer Makes you a Murderer too.

You cannot fight Hatred with More Hatred.

Do not blind yourself with revenge nor fill your hearts with darkness.

Everyone believes that they are fighting the good fight by wishing death on another after a crime is committed, however, if this keeps up, There won’t be a VI to fight for.

Think about it.

Peace. And R.I.P Troy Dubs Joseph.

Losing Weight

I stopped tracking my weight loss progress because I felt like I was too enamored with with results and not putting in enough effort to get those results.

I woke up this morning, well, afternoon… Tomato tomahto, and I decided to try on this dress that I’ve had in my closet for years. On several occasions I was supposed to wear this dress, but my body would not fit in it, and if it did, the zipper would not yield to my direction and go up.

I was prepared to face defeat once again as I tried on the dress, shimmying my rump into the fabric. As I zipped myself up, thinking “Here we go again” I realized that the zipper had yet to stick.

And then I was in it.

After years of not being able to get into the damned thing, it went on with far too much ease. For a moment, I assumed I was still dreaming, until my grandmother walked in and Told me that If I bent over it would probably fall apart. There is probably some truth to that. While I did fit into the dress, I feared that the right deep breath or the odd position would unravel the entire thing.


So, I count this is as progress. I hope that one day I can wear it and bend over and nothing happens.

Till then, I’lll continue with my walks, runs, and other fitness routines. Fitting into this dress is but one goal accomplished. Until I have abs, then I have not reached my goal.

Peace and WOOHOO to me!



I was asked the other day if I knew who my dedicated readers were.

To be honest, I stopped caring about who read my blog or even my story a while back. It’s kind of why I stopped complaining about it. I write because I like to write and if someone reads and enjoys it then that’s great. I don’t get much likes or comments, but that’s fine. There aren’t a lot of views either but I’m not complaining. This is more for me than anything else.

It’s nice to get a comment or like here and there so I know exactly who is paying attention instead of just a random number to say someone was here. I’m not an out there person in the internet world or even in the real world so I know it would take time before I’m truly noticed. It’s not like I write anything that’s going to win me an award on this thing anyways. I appreciate everyone who comes out, and honestly, it does make me feel awesome when you do, but again that’s not why I do this.

As for my story, If you didn’t know, I am updating a story regularly (Well, regularly now) on Wattpad. You can find it here. http://www.wattpad.com/story/3833753-a-feral-affair It doesn’t have a lot of reads, nor comments either, but I do know at least two people who keep up with it and bite my head off when I stop updating. I enjoy what I am doing. I want to take it further than just being on the internet for fun. I want to make this a career. The support is limited but that’s okay. It’s a growing process and I am developing patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say.

So, again thanks to everyone who’s reading. Love you guys! Thanks! And when, not if, when I make it, I’ll never forget you.


The Curse of being Female

Sometimes I damn my Uterus.

I know what you’re thinking, she’s about to rampage about females and their periods, but guess what, that’s only partially correct.

I don’t think men understand how lucky they are to be men. They don’t have to worry about periods, or child birth, or the wind blowing too hard and you get a yeast infection (These things are so stupidly easy to get).

And I know there are some women out there dying to spew the “I’m proud to be a woman, childbirth is a gift, blah blah blah” but can you honestly say that there aren’t days when you drop on your knees and go “WHY WAS I CURSED WITH A VAGINA?” because I know I certainly have on many occasions.

And let me tell you, having a child is a gift in and of itself, I won’t deny that, but the birthing process is not beautiful in the least. The end result is like a crime scene just happened in and around your vagina. And babies aren’t as cute when they just slip out either, they are covered in blood and the umbilical cord is gross to look at and you feel like crap or in my case high thanks to the epidural. Oh and you know what, you might rip the skin from your vagina to your butt and have to get stitches which makes using the bathroom and even sitting down highly uncomfortable.

Just so you know.

Guys, you don’t have to worry about this. Aren’t you lucky. I don’t know what men get as a substitute to a period, but I can only assume if there is none then suffering with our bipolar moods and constant cravings are punishment enough on your part. Oh, and if you have girlfriend, lack of vaginal sex….unless you’re into that…which all I can say is….ew. Most females I know are stuck between being overly hormonal and horny but thoroughly pissed because they can’t engage in the act,and wanting to rip the man’s head from his shoulders because he doesn’t have to deal with it.

A guy once told me, “I bet if Eve didn’t eat that apple girls wouldn’t have periods.” But here’s an interesting perspective, What if Eve ate the damn apple because she was on her period and craving apples but Adam was too fucking lazy to go find another one so she just ate the nearest available one? Yeah she was told not to, but when you’re bleeding from your crotch, rational and logic are wasted on you.

Just saying.


The Miley Wop

I change my avatar more than *Insert witty comparison here*. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

I was supposed to write on this a while back when I first discovered it. Apparently, Miley Cyrus decided to do a “twerking” video to the song “Wop” by J Dash. I never heard of the song until I saw the video. I only watched the video because I was curious. People were making such a big deal about it that I felt like it was my duty to see what all the HOOBLAH was about.

It wasn’t worth the hype.

What I expected to see was Miley, in a skimpy outfit, butt out, looking like a tramp, shaking her booty for the world to see. Maybe even go on her head for a moment and butt hump the wall.

But she didnt.

She was fully clothed. Literally. She was in a unicorn body suit, even though fools have mistaken it for a frog. I don’t even know how. The only thing that was off, was that her boobs were trying to twerk as well because she wasn’t wearing a bra “Obviously”. Oh yeah, she bent over and shook her rump a little too.

The video was more hilarious to me than anything else. Hell, it was even kind of cool. She looked like she thoroughly enjoyed herself and I want a full body animal suit to “WOP” in as well.

Yes, I want to learn that dance and do it as well. Because I can. And how dare you question why.

The best part of the video was that you didn’t even KNOW it was Miley until the very end when she threw off the hoody. So, if she had just left it on, no one would have a thing to say. But, because people can’t let the celebrities live in peace, they just had to go pick on Miley.

While we are talking about her, I’m sad that she is leaving Liam. Why? Because she took too long to do it. I wanted Liam. Liam is so fine. mmmmmmmm


*wipes drool* I’m sorry.

I thought they would make it though. But guess all good things have to come to an end. Hope she grows back out her hair though.


Here is the video