Who’s behind the Keyboard

882806_238542549624948_627082859_oFor as long as I’ve had access to the world wide web, there is one thing that I have never been able to do.

Write a well thought out biography.

I can give you a 7 page research paper on the benefits of using the Wii as a substitute to traditional exercise, but I can’t sum up myself in a few words. It’s quite sad really. I can easily describe another person, but when it comes to writing about myself my mind literally goes blank.So, you can guess what question I would avoid when on a date. Yes, the most basic one “Tell me a little about yourself” Gah! What a stupid question. How can one expect me to simplify myself with basic everyday speech? It’s impossible I tell you! Impossible! What am I supposed to say? I’m smart, funny, unique? I shun such cliched terms!

If you must know though, My name is Markida Scotland, I attend the University of the Virgin Islands (google it), and I currently reside in…the Virgin Islands..Was that not Obvious? St. Croix of course (Again, Google it). <—– This entire statement, another cliche. How basic To state ones name and location. But I suppose that’s the easiest way to start a Bio.

My daily life consists of the internet, resisting the urge to maim the people around me, and avoiding being thrown into an asylum. Luckily, I found my love for writing again so you can just ignore the last two statements. Writing is my Escape and the whole purpose of this blog. It keeps me from being idle. Though I also have a baby girl who does plenty to keep me from being idle, but hey, when she falls asleep (and my tank still has some juice in it) I come here, to feed you, the readers, my latest and greatest ideas! or rather some incoherent ramblings and videos about absolutely nothing.

Welcome all to This little Life of Mine!


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