The Miley Wop

I change my avatar more than *Insert witty comparison here*. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

I was supposed to write on this a while back when I first discovered it. Apparently, Miley Cyrus decided to do a “twerking” video to the song “Wop” by J Dash. I never heard of the song until I saw the video. I only watched the video because I was curious. People were making such a big deal about it that I felt like it was my duty to see what all the HOOBLAH was about.

It wasn’t worth the hype.

What I expected to see was Miley, in a skimpy outfit, butt out, looking like a tramp, shaking her booty for the world to see. Maybe even go on her head for a moment and butt hump the wall.

But she didnt.

She was fully clothed. Literally. She was in a unicorn body suit, even though fools have mistaken it for a frog. I don’t even know how. The only thing that was off, was that her boobs were trying to twerk as well because she wasn’t wearing a bra “Obviously”. Oh yeah, she bent over and shook her rump a little too.

The video was more hilarious to me than anything else. Hell, it was even kind of cool. She looked like she thoroughly enjoyed herself and I want a full body animal suit to “WOP” in as well.

Yes, I want to learn that dance and do it as well. Because I can. And how dare you question why.

The best part of the video was that you didn’t even KNOW it was Miley until the very end when she threw off the hoody. So, if she had just left it on, no one would have a thing to say. But, because people can’t let the celebrities live in peace, they just had to go pick on Miley.

While we are talking about her, I’m sad that she is leaving Liam. Why? Because she took too long to do it. I wanted Liam. Liam is so fine. mmmmmmmm


*wipes drool* I’m sorry.

I thought they would make it though. But guess all good things have to come to an end. Hope she grows back out her hair though.


Here is the video


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