Hell on Heels

So, after reading “The Complete Guide to Not giving a fuck” two weeks ago, I decided to step out of my shell a little ( I posted it for everyone to read).

I showed up to auditions for my University’s fashion show, but honestly, I only had intentions to work backstage. The head of Student activities (and my past boss) suggested that I put my height (5’10 – 5’11) to use and take part in the show….and she also said only losers worked backstage. How rude. But regardless, under normal circumstances I would have ignored her completely, huffed at the statement, and not try out at all. However, I decided to give it a go.


I can’t walk in heels.

Or rather, I never owned heels and never had a reason to walk in them.

But…Oh well. Who cares. I’ve seen people look like an utter mess in heels and they still give it a go so why shouldn’t I? I threw all fucks to the side and did it.

I’m coming out! I want the world to know, gonna let it show! *strut, strut*

I bought a new pair of heels and I’m gonna practice the hell out them. It’s not about the walk. It’s the confidence. I think
that’s my largest flaw. But, I’ve grown so tired of feeling like I’m under the bridge compared to others.  Worst of all, I’m almost 6’3 in these shoes. It’s a long way down if I happen to trip and fall and may the lord have mercy on my ankles. Still, I made a commitment and I am going to see it through until I either break a leg or get the boot.

Until then, I’ll be strutting these long legs around for the world to see.


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