Come On Itunes

Am I the only one that notices the frequent updates with itunes?

Whenever that little “Download and Update” itunes icon showed up on my screen I always closed it and ignored it. However, one unfortunate day I decided to end this little beef we had and updated it.

Worst. Decision. Ever.

After that one time, I kept updating it when it said to update. I did this because I thought “Update” meant “To make better,” but with each update I realized that itunes is becoming more and more difficult to manage and just looks plain retarded. I mean, what the hell is this shit?

UntitledCome on Itunes. Get your shit together. It was so much easier to deal with when everything was in one corner. Now I have to click on the ipod thing then go to “On this ipod” and all kinds of Bullshit. Then you have the AUDACITY to ask me if I would like to “update now” again. Really? Really? Really Itunes? You’re going to do this to me? And what has changed in this update aside from the fact that you completely ruined the manageability? I expect an actual UPDATE the next time! My songs better shuffle when I just THINK about them shuffling. That’s right. Integrate a thought mechanism into the software, now that’s an update. Better yet, make the songs shuffle across the screen like they’re in an “LMFAO” video. Everyday I’m shuf–fuh-fuh-ling. Until then. Fire burn your damn updates.



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