Friendly Drivers and New Page

Don’t you just love friendly drivers?

Nothing brightens my day than going out onto the road and being met with the most courteous of people as compared to the regular, manic, assholes.

When traffic is awful and that one person takes the time to let you out of your exit when no one else would, or when you do it for them and they blow the horn like “Thanks!” and you beep back like “No problem.” Ah, you gotta love, friendly vehicular conversations.

That’s how today was. It was a nice change from idiots swerving into random lanes, some asshole cutting you off, that bimbo that doesn’t believe in signal lights, or that jackass behind you who beeps the horn just as the light turns green. I’m glad for the change.

That aside!

I got made a new page dedicated to my rants about being Vertically gifted. Check it out!

Not meant to offend.



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