Being Pregnant

I don’t know why the lives of stars are so important to people.

Up to this day there is still controversy about Beyonce and her blessed baby, and now they won’t shut up about how long Amber rose has been pregnant (She’s due in 3 weeks btfw).

Every pregnancy is different. So Beyonce didn’t look pregnant, and so what? I was 5 months pregnant and very very very few people even had a clue WHILE I WAS GOING TO SCHOOL. I was already kind of fat. As far as most people knew, I was just gaining weight.

I refuse to be a fatty

Five months after having baby. Picture taken Sat. Feb 9, 2013

Popped the baby out and my stomach is nowhere near as gross as others. So I guess a surrogate must have carried my baby too.

People can be so damn stupid. And it’s people who have never carried a child in their life (and those bitter about still being a fatty) that won’t shut up about it. And if it’s not them, it’s just people that want something to talk about so badly that they will resort to stalking the poor celebrities just for a story which are then followed up by IGNORANT people.

Do you have any idea how LONG 40 weeks are? for those of you that Don’t know that is 10 months. TEN months, not 9, TEN. On average, babies are born at 38 weeks. So if amber seems to be pregnant longer than 9 months it’s probably because she IS.


I could rant and rave about this all day, but ain’t nobody got time to read all of that.

Here is my Point.

Worry about your own life!

Or rather you must not have one if other people’s lives are so important to you.


2 thoughts on “Being Pregnant

  1. I was waiting for someone to say this! I never had a kid but I highly doubt that these women can be that vain! They gotta let people live! If it were a friend or family member they’d be like damn hoe you baking extra long! But it wouldn’t receive a second thought! Yet they’re fixated on celebrity pregnancies! smh

    • When it comes to regular people nothing receives a second thought! But when it comes to celebrities it receives far too much attention. Like Chris and Rihanna. I knows girls who are used and abused daily but go back with the same guy but STILL have the nerve to call RiRi stupid for going back with Chris. Smh, the double standard.

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