Good to be Underrated

She’s done it again. P!nk released her new single “Just give me a reason”  from her album “The truth about love” on February second. I saw the video and I must say I amazed! Her videos are always amazing (In my opinion) They are creative and awe inspiring. Her performances never disappoint. I won’t get started on her voice because I might just go into Fan girl mode and that’s highly unprofessional.

Just give me a Reason

You should listen to this and watch the video. Highly recommended.

So if Pink is so amazing, why does she seem so…underrated? You rarely see her all over the news. There is hardly any controversy hovering over her. She’s not always in the spotlight like say Nicki Minaj or Beyonce, even though she is just as great as they are and it makes you wonder why, but at the same time, is this a bad thing?

When Beyonce was pregnant, there was so many skeptics running around saying she wasn’t really pregnant, she had the baby and people are saying that’s not her baby, and after performing at the super bowl, because her body was so gorgeous they are almost positive that little Blue Ivy is a myth. There are so many things wrong with that last part. The woman works out. Just because someone you know still looks like a Great Whale after pregnancy doesn’t mean that she has to be a lazy post pregnancy woman as well.

When pink was pregnant, you barely heard about it, when she gave birth, you still barely heard about, and just after birth good lord that woman snapped back into shape and there was no questions of her shape, there were (never have been) any Illuminati references, nothing. Now, is this is a bad thing? Of course not. The woman can have a life and NOT have to worry about someone reporting about it every minute.

If Nicki minaj ends up pregnant I think social networks everywhere will crash due to the hullabaloo it will create.

Take this moment to look at any youtube video of a female artist that is always being mentioned. In fact, take a gander at the two mentioned. You will ALWAYS find a naysayer under there. Their “Haters” so to speak, rival the amount of fans they have.

You rarely see a negative comment under a P!nk video. Millions of views and very few can find something to heckle her about.

Sometimes, being in the spotlight isn’t all that it’s chocked up to be. And, I honestly think that a lot of underrated artists are far better than those that are always being announced. But, I think they do not mind being underrated. They have loyal fan base despite not being in the limelight, and sales aren’t plummeting. If you can be famous without having to deal with reporters report your latest bowel movement to Yahoo News, I think that’s the best. Not all publicity is good publicity after all.

P!nk is no Beyonce, but honestly, why would she want to be?


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