Come On Itunes

Am I the only one that notices the frequent updates with itunes?

Whenever that little “Download and Update” itunes icon showed up on my screen I always closed it and ignored it. However, one unfortunate day I decided to end this little beef we had and updated it.

Worst. Decision. Ever.

After that one time, I kept updating it when it said to update. I did this because I thought “Update” meant “To make better,” but with each update I realized that itunes is becoming more and more difficult to manage and just looks plain retarded. I mean, what the hell is this shit?

UntitledCome on Itunes. Get your shit together. It was so much easier to deal with when everything was in one corner. Now I have to click on the ipod thing then go to “On this ipod” and all kinds of Bullshit. Then you have the AUDACITY to ask me if I would like to “update now” again. Really? Really? Really Itunes? You’re going to do this to me? And what has changed in this update aside from the fact that you completely ruined the manageability? I expect an actual UPDATE the next time! My songs better shuffle when I just THINK about them shuffling. That’s right. Integrate a thought mechanism into the software, now that’s an update. Better yet, make the songs shuffle across the screen like they’re in an “LMFAO” video. Everyday I’m shuf–fuh-fuh-ling. Until then. Fire burn your damn updates.



Friendly Drivers and New Page

Don’t you just love friendly drivers?

Nothing brightens my day than going out onto the road and being met with the most courteous of people as compared to the regular, manic, assholes.

When traffic is awful and that one person takes the time to let you out of your exit when no one else would, or when you do it for them and they blow the horn like “Thanks!” and you beep back like “No problem.” Ah, you gotta love, friendly vehicular conversations.

That’s how today was. It was a nice change from idiots swerving into random lanes, some asshole cutting you off, that bimbo that doesn’t believe in signal lights, or that jackass behind you who beeps the horn just as the light turns green. I’m glad for the change.

That aside!

I got made a new page dedicated to my rants about being Vertically gifted. Check it out!

Not meant to offend.


2013 Begins with BOB

2 months into the year and people just could not wait to find something to bitch about.

2412908When February 6, 2013 passed, the internet was in an uproar. Not a bad uproar but a Jubilant one as everyone and their mother took time to dedicate a Happy Birthday to the late but still great Robert Nesta Marley aka Bob Marley.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing of course. Well, except where were these loyal and heartfelt fans before? Never in my life have I seen so many people come out the wood works applauding and uploading countless videos and photos of Dear old Bob, showering him with praise and lord the reggae music would not stop. Everyone was a reggae artist, everyone was a “rasta” Everyone was lighting up and just being all around Irie.

Again what is wrong with this? While I am glad that people took the time to appreciate a musical legend, It annoys me when too many claim the term “Fan” when up until that very day they did not even know when his birthday was. Hell, most don’t even know the man’s real name. You would be surprised who think his name is actually  “Bob” No boo boo that is not his government name. And spare me the whole “white man trying to tie you down to a name thing” this isn’t the place for you to unleash your Rastafarian, Selassie stuff.

Matters became even worse when the Grammy’s decided “Hey, we’ll do a tribute to Bob This year.” Let’s pause for a minute here. Did I miss something? Where did this all this come from? I woke up one morning, smiled with the rising sun, and low and behold Bob was everywhere!

(Not that I’m complaining, the brother is sexy).

Here is the thing, they didn’t HAVE to do a tribute to Him. Frankly, it was more of a place holder to fill in that extra spot that was needed and some would complain that it’s disrespectful, but you know what’s disrespectful? Not being GRATEFUL that one was done in the first place. In case you had not noticed, Reggae is not a leading genre at the Grammys. The Grammys have been around since 1959 and this is the first time Reggae has made an appearance. There are many artists like BRUNO, THE POLICE, RIHANNA and others that were INFLUENCED by his music.

No his tribute was not very long, not nowhere as long as Whitney and the others but because it’s a matter of time and no one was thinking about him until this year. So they squeezed a little tribute in there to say Hey, thanks for being so awesome. It was only one song but the songs sang before were influenced by him, and who better to sing your song than you own children which was pretty damn grand and I’m sure Ziggy and Damian didn’t expect to get that call asking to perform their father’s song at the GRAMMYS of all places.  If you asked me, they did a pretty good job. They could have dedicated that time to some other artist that paved the way for all these other musicians. Musicians that you probably can’t even think of because all you know is the mainstream artists.

Were you aware that Bob’s tribute was not the only one that was done that night? There was a tribute done for Levon Helm as well but of course you have no idea who that is and I am wasting my time talking about it. Maybe if you took the time to actually broaden your musical horizon then maybe you wouldn’t look like such a Musical Bandwagon slut.

And HALF of these “fans” can only pin a few things to Bob Marley that has absolutely NOTHING to do with his music. Yup, you guess it. Marijuana is one. Which is just sad. Or of course “Emancipate yourself from Mental slavery” when majority don’t even know what Emancipate means. There is also the Dreadlocks thing which always has me here sitting and shaking my head because people act like he was the first to have them.

He has, that I know of, about 12 kids, but of course how many do you know aside from Damian, Ky-mani, and Ziggy? No don’t run to google. Close that tab I see you. Mhmm, I thought so. Do you even know the name of his albums? No not the singular songs that you find on youtube because you heard them on the radio. Which is exactly the problem. You think you’re a fan because you know songs like  “Get Up Stand Up”, “I Shot the Sheriff”, “>No Woman, No Cry” ,”Jamming”, “Redemption Song”, “Could You Be Loved (The song that was performed”, “Stir It Up”, “One Love” and, “Three Little Birds” but really, you’re not. I know these songs. I’m not a big fan of Bob because I am not a fan of reggae music in general. In fact, he’s probably the only reggae artist in my itunes folder.

Sit down, shut up, and just enjoy the performance. You spend so much time criticizing it that you miss the whole point, which was, to honor him and hell just enjoy some good music that you don’t hear often at the awards. There is no “Best Reggae Album” in the listing after all. And then my fellow Virgin Islanders, no Soca and Calypso will not make an appearance at the Grammy’s Anytime soon. Didn’t say it was impossible, but don’t hold your breath in this century.

Oh, have you noticed how there are no more words and videos on Bob after this? LE GASP I WONDER WHY NOT!!? Shocker? No.

To his real fans, I hope you were appreciative and I figure you would be somewhat disappointed because honestly it could have been longer, but the timing did not allow for such. They should have planned it better.


Happy Belated Birthday Bob Marley, May you rest in peace.

Being Pregnant

I don’t know why the lives of stars are so important to people.

Up to this day there is still controversy about Beyonce and her blessed baby, and now they won’t shut up about how long Amber rose has been pregnant (She’s due in 3 weeks btfw).

Every pregnancy is different. So Beyonce didn’t look pregnant, and so what? I was 5 months pregnant and very very very few people even had a clue WHILE I WAS GOING TO SCHOOL. I was already kind of fat. As far as most people knew, I was just gaining weight.

I refuse to be a fatty

Five months after having baby. Picture taken Sat. Feb 9, 2013

Popped the baby out and my stomach is nowhere near as gross as others. So I guess a surrogate must have carried my baby too.

People can be so damn stupid. And it’s people who have never carried a child in their life (and those bitter about still being a fatty) that won’t shut up about it. And if it’s not them, it’s just people that want something to talk about so badly that they will resort to stalking the poor celebrities just for a story which are then followed up by IGNORANT people.

Do you have any idea how LONG 40 weeks are? for those of you that Don’t know that is 10 months. TEN months, not 9, TEN. On average, babies are born at 38 weeks. So if amber seems to be pregnant longer than 9 months it’s probably because she IS.


I could rant and rave about this all day, but ain’t nobody got time to read all of that.

Here is my Point.

Worry about your own life!

Or rather you must not have one if other people’s lives are so important to you.

Supporting Your own

When I first started this blog, I didn’t expect anyone to read it at all. At least, not anyone from home and I’ll take this chance to explain why.

I live in the United States Virgin Islands, on the island of St. Croix. It is the largest of the three islands (St. Thomas and St. John are the other two). I refuse to just say Virgin Islands because there are another set of islands called the British Virgin Islands and if you just say VI people tend to get confused. It makes sense if you ask me.

The islands are actually very small. You may need to find a magnifying glass to find us, and ignorant people from other countries assume that we are all Jamaican because of our accent–because apparently Jamaica is the only island in the caribbean (seriously, what is wrong with people?).

Now, considering how Tiny we are, you would think that we would be a close knit group of people. No. No we’re really not. And I’m not trying to put us down, I’m just being honest. More often than not, we don’t show each other support. Rather, we tear each other down whenever we see another person getting ahead or just because it’s Tuesday and we need to unload some prior bitchness that we failed to get out.

There are many people that try to do something with themselves whether it is singing, sewing, designing, writing, and it’s SAD that the only real people that gain support are those involved in music or “Modeling” (which consists of people that look good in the face paying “Photographers” (anyone with a nice camera) to take pictures of them). So then what about the others? Are we going to just blatantly ignore the talents and aspirations of others because it’s not part of the mainstream?

Reading and writing are so neglected that it churns my stomach to think about it. You can take 8 minutes out of your life to watch another female beat the living shit out of another, you can spend hours reading the negative responses of some Twitter beef, but you can’t take 2 minutes of your life to read something possibly inspirational written by your peers? Is this a matter of morality? It seems so.

I have “friends” that I know have seen me tirelessly promoting my writing, whether it is my blog or the stories that I write and it is awful that they would just bypass it, but of course later I would see you sharing the video of some poor 12 year old child sucking a male’s appendage for 15 minutes!!

More so, It appears to be a matter of popularity and appearance. I’m not the prettiest person in the world, nor am I the most known. So, I get overlooked in our itty bitty community. I don’t want fame, Frankly, I prefer to stay out of the spotlight, but I question why society is so focused on the outward appearances of others that everyone else, that people who are far more brilliant both in personality and intelligence, are ignored. Considering that most gained that popularity through spreading their genitals around, I would never envy them, but it’s sickening that these are the people that garner so much attention.

I expect my blog and my writings to be ignored by my peers. Hell, my peers seem to think it’s cool that they “Don’t read” and then wonder why they read//spell//and write at a 2nd grade level.

Majority of my readers come from other parts of the world, and I can’t even imagine how. I am grateful for the readers that I have now, and I thank you all for having put up with my ramblings for so long.

As for home. Oh well. I’ll support those that I see for myself are not selfish and are considerate enough to take time out of their day to support others. For instance, is ran by a friend of mine and She’s also a music education major, vocalist, musician, blogger and photographer. I’ll support her for as long as I possibly can. Why? Because A, She’s awesome; B) she’s promoted my page when VERY VERY VERY few others I call friend has, and C) She’s friggin Awesome…Okay and her blog is amusing, interesting, and educational. I didn’t put the link there for style, Please do look at it.

To those of you at home that ARE reading, Thank you too. I just wish we really did “support our own” instead of using that line whenever it suits us to make us look better when we really don’t.


Just give me a Reason

Just give me a reason just a little bit’s enough, just a second we’re not broken just bent and we can learn to love again!

The song practically speaks for itself. When Truth about Love originally came out, I depressed myself for a few days listening to this song because it just seems like the perfect song for when you feel like your relationship is falling apart. It hasn’t failed, but it’s getting some dents and bending and you don’t know how to react.

I find it funny how Pink was like “Everything is broken” and Nate is like “It’s all in your head” and this is exactly how it is in some relationships (Cough mine cough). You think something is wrong but everything is actually fine but all you really need is a reason, something so small, anything,  to help you feel a bit more secure.