What the Actual F

I swear with each passing year some fool is unfortunately granted access to a camera and records themselves doing the utmost ridiculous thing they can think of. I thought the decade of the “YOLO” had died (thank baby Jesus) but apparently some people are still trapped there and testing the waters of life to see if they really only live once.

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this shit, but just let it be known that I rebuke the creators of “World Star Ship Hip hop”  because any weird video that pops up was usually posted by them. WHY do people condone this, I don’t know.

So, let’s talk about dear old Giovanna Plowman.

Who is she? Well that’s what I am here to inform you about. Gio here is the newest youtube star. Kudos to you Gio, You go Gio. Now what did Gio do? Well she certainly wasn’t singing her heart out or dancing. Of course. Giovanna decided it would be cool if she…..

Ate. Her. Tampon.

Yes, you read it correctly. Giovanna Plowman, sat there (well stood), pulled her tampon out of her vagina on camera, and ate it. By the way, that was a really nice bathroom she was in, her music choice? Not so much.

According to her, she was dared to do it. Guess dares are more important than keeping your self respect in tact huh.

She should have experienced a healthy dose of Toxic shock symdrome, but alas that’s not how that works. Though I’m sure the health issues associated with doing something like that just flew over the heads of everyone.

Now, I ask you, what could be going through anyone’s mind to make them believe that that is in fact, a good idea?

How people no shame? Is fame so important to you that you would resort to degrading yourself on the world wide web for a couple thousand views? The priorities and morals are all askew. And what did her parents think of this? Did they see it and go “Yolo” as well?

Who knows, because her twitter account is blowing up…but knowing twitter it’s probably a fake account and her parents more than likely sent her to a boot camp in Zimbabwe where she is now part of the Ndebele (Oondabelly)  tribe and reflecting on her past life and will later come out with a book called “Mange De Tampon. The Memoirs of an Attention Seeker” and it will be an all time bestseller and probably spin off as a life time movie…

Because apparently that’s how things work in America.

(Here is a video to the foolishness http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=188_1358675302)


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