He ate my ice cream

No, this is not a sexual innuendo. This is a tale of hurt and betrayal. A tale about how easily trust can be broken when your back is turned.

Okay, it’s not that serious, but it’s just as bad.

So, during the break when the Lovely other half was here, I was being nice and decided to bring him some ice cream. It was done out of the kindness of my heart, as was many things during his visit.

So I go to the kitchen and grab a cup for both of us a cup. His cup was larger than mine in height and in width (the black cup in the photo), and mines was the transparent cup. I didn’t want a lot and figured he would enjoy having a large amount.

I fill his cup beyond capacity and barely full mines at all. I was also trying to save some ice cream for later.

I return to the bedroom where he was laying back, chilling with his phone in hand as usual. I had him his cup and rest my mines on the night stand near my bed.

This is where the betrayal begins.

Our daughter demands attention. I take her and deliver her to my grandmother with the necessary items that she would be needing and I also linger a bit to show my grandmother my schedule for my classes. When that was over I return to the room.

Upon arrival, I notice something strange about the room.

His cup was on the nightstand, and he was back on his phone. But something was bothering me.

601217_195881667224370_1432133453_nAs I near my cup, I come upon the scene of the crime.

The Bastard Ate My Ice Cream. 

As my face takes on the lock of shock, he has the audacity to bellow out with laughter. Of course he knew what he had done.

I attack.

In the midst of me trying to beat him up (which by the way was pointless because he laughed throughout the entire beating) He asks “They weren’t mine?” WHAT?

He explains to me and I quote! “I thought you brought both cups for me because mine was so little”

Greedy bastard says what?

He didn’t even apologize! He just laughed and kept repeating that he thought both was for him when he damn well knew the other one was mine! I wished the worst of all tummy hurts on him but my prayers went unanswered and I had to return to the kitchen and finish what was left in the ice cream bowl. Yes I got ice cream after all but it wasn’t the same!

I continue to futilely beat him to a pulp and promise not to ever leave food lying around when he was nearby.

If you can’t trust a man with your food, what can you trust him with?!

Nothing! Nothing I tell you.


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