Burr It’s cold in here

Burr, It’s cold in here. There must be some Caribs in the atmosphere, I said BURR it’s cold in here, uhhuh there must be Caribs in the atmosphere. Oh ee oh ee oh, Ice Ice Ice.

Ahem. I couldn’t resist. Caribs was the mascot of my High School.

But moving along.

It’s been really cold lately in the sunny little Virgin Islands. This is really weird considering that the coldest is usually about 70-74 degrees. Not only is the nippy weather annoying, but the people running around going “That’s not cold” are even far more annoying.

When you live on an island in the tropics, the last thing you are ever worried about is the cold. Why? Because the temperatures and the seasons revolve around heat. What this place lacks in cold and shade it makes up for with seering heat and blinding sunshine. We don’t get winter. Our seasons consist of Hot, Hurricane Season (Joyous), hotter, and friggin Ridiculous.

Now, all of sudden, it was 51 degrees the other night and I was in tears. I usually limit the clothes I sleep in, but due to the weather, I was forced to pull out a long sleeved shirt and sweat pants. What kind of madness is that? I should be sleeping in a bra and boyshorts.

So, I take myself to facebook and write “51* Why is it so cold?” because Facebook was kind enough to ask me what was on my mind. Then, low and behold someone waltzes under my status and say “That’s not cold” and then proceed to ask me if I want to know what is cold.

Three things.

1) I wasn’t raised in cold weather. If it is below 70, it is cold TO ME, because I am not USED to COLD WEATHER.

2) OBVIOUSLY I don’t want to know what cold is, because I am already perturbed by what you deem is not cold. Is it not blatantly obvious that I do not want to experience any form of cold?

3)Who are you to decide what is cold to someone and what is not cold? Who died and made you the weather man. What? So suddenly you’re the Ice king/Queen.This isn’t adventure time, be gone with your foolishness.

I’m waiting for a speck of snow to fall. At the rate this is going, I won’t even be surprised.

And you know what. If it does, I hope it’s enough so I can order some Ice skates and go ice skating on Creque Dam.

For Information on what exactly is Creque Dam (Pronounced Creaky Dam) Visit http://www.guidetocaribbeanvacations.com/usvi/CrequeDamRoad.htm


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