The Curling Iron Chronicles pt 1

The Curling iron, one of the many tools females use to bedazzle their hair (real or fake) to desired styles. But what really is a curling iron? Where did it come from? Clearly the tool is a weapon from hell used to scorch the scalp or any other body parts you may have mistakenly touched by accident. Ie. My forehead and fingers this morning.

I’ve been on this “Keep Self Kept” program that I made for myself. I started on Monday and the idea is to keep myself looking decent for the year. Meaning, I would be putting effort into getting dressed even if it’s just casual and breaking up with my long time lover “The dry pony tail.” And by dry, I mean I use to just put my hair in an elastic band and go out the door. No combing, nothing, just like that.

So I’ve been playing with the curling iron lately and let me tell you, it looks so simple but what a deceitful little instrument it is. It’s much more difficult than I thought it would be. I cannot count the amount of times I had to redo what I was doing because it simply did not curl the way I wanted it. Oh! And let’s not forget that I burned my scalp several times and my poor fingers had the unfortunate pleasure of touching the iron while in the midst of curling. I had to walk out of the room and take a breath and remind myself that A) Cursing the thing would be pointless because it couldn’t understand me, although I swore I saw it smile whenever it burned me and B)If I broke it, I’d be both ruining my goal and then I’d have to replace it and I would like to avoid frivolously spending money (that I don’t have).

So I managed the basics. Curl my bang and my hair even though it looks so flat and boring, but it’s not so bad. With some more practice I should get it down.

I’ll upload a picture later of the final look later, but that’s it today for my Curling Iron Chronicles.



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