New Year New Me

I’m surprised that I didn’t see any New Year resolutions running amuck on facebook or twitter. I was actually looking forward to the promises of Losing weight, studying harder, and less drama only for them to return to the same habits less than a week into January.

Well, I am one of those people. Every year I promise myself that I am going to the gym, that I am going to shed some pounds, get my body looking firm and toned, be able to wear a bikini proudly, knowing that I may turn some heads. With my boyfriend away thanks to the military, I know he’s gotten into shape (And I’ve seen it over the Christmas *insert raging Hormones here*) so I wanted to make sure I would be looking delectable myself upon his return.

How wrong was I.

I was pushing 250 pounds when I was pregnant, and after the baby, I was 220. Before the baby, I was a whopping 180 pounds (I’m about 5’10-5’11 I don’t know). Regardless, I was overweight and Still am. I felt just awful watching my floppy stomach every time I had to step into  the shower. My thighs should be deemed a musical instrument because I am almost certain they make a sound with all the jiggling they do. Same with my arms.

I’m exaggerating, but the point is I am not fit at all. I get tired very quickly. My stamina is the pits and my motivation to fix these things are just as awful.

Well, this year I plan to fix this.

Currently I am 209 pounds. Yes, I lost weight. I have been doing zumba and actually walking. I do little exercises in the middle of the night or just randomly when I feel like it. My goal is to be 170 pounds. 10 pounds lighter than my original weight.

How I plan to do that? Exercise and proper diet of course. Don’t worry, since I’m so lazy, I have a “trainer” so to speak that will help me stay on the right track.

That aside. My other goal is to focus hard on my studies. My GPA dropped. I want to cry. I’m usually chilling up there in the 3.8 but it has dropped. I won’t tell you how badly, but it has dropped. I want to get back on track.

So that’s my New Year New Me stuff. Get fit and Get on the Dean’s list. I can do it if I really try and this year is all about trying harder.

So, SI SE PUEDE  to myself and Everyone else that plans on trying to fix or tweak things about themselves or any part of life!


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