Wattpad Story

So, I’ve been on wattpad for almost two years now and have never written a story. The sad thing is, I have actually started writing stories before that. I was honestly too afraid to let anyone read them because I was terrified of the feedback I would get. Also, I just had no idea where I was going with these stories. I wrote them, but didn’t have a plot. I was just going with the flow.

Well, now I’ve been putting thought into them and have decided to upload one of them onto wattpad. It would be lovely to have readers, though I must admit they are a bit mature so view discretion is advised. I don’t think they’re that explicit but I already got one comment saying that they were too immature to read the story. So, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

The other story is currently being edited. I’m practically doing the whole thing over.  But anyways if you’re on wattpad it would be nice if you read my story, vote for it as well if you please (I would love that), and leave a comment if you have any suggestions or critiques! I thank you all!

Here is the link



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