The Road to a new body

381790_157265141086023_1509901448_nI’m fat. No, okay I’m not really fat, I’m just really out of shape for someone who’s only 20 years old (Just turned 20 in October). To make matters worse, I just had a baby as well so I’ve go that “baby” fat to lose as well. In my mind ,I am extremely motivated and full of energy and ready to shed those pounds. But in reality I am nowhere near there. I exercise everyday but not long. I get tired really fast and find myself taking more breaks than actually working out.I’m getting better though! I notice that I can do certain ones longer than before, but I’m still not there. Honestly, I want to be healthy. I’m learning to cut out all the junk food, the sodas, the sweets. Fried and greasy foods are also a no go. It was the hardest thing ever. I caved and had Mcdonalds Yesterday. Fries never tasted so good. Then I just felt awful. That was my only mishap though. Water and Fruits are becoming my best friends. I’ve discovered the greatness that is salad without dressing (I don’t like how dressing of any kind tastes. Ick.) But I’m still a tubby Tubby. I’ve been wondering if maybe I should do it piece by piece. Like, I decided to work on my legs first and move on up.

I have no upper body strength whatsoever. Can’t even do 5 pushups without feeling like I’m going to die.  I know I can’t expect to change my whole lifestyle in just two months, but it would be awesome if I could. I guess it’ll just take some time and getting used to. I hate my metabolism too. I think I burn food too slowly.  I envy people who can eat a horse and still be fine. I eat two fries and gain 6 pounds, that’s just unfair. Oh! If you must know what I look like, this is me (picture in top left hand corner). Now I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, that’s just the illusion and greatness of taking a picture from the front. From the side I’m a tubbykins. Why do they call those things love handles when there is nothing to love about them? Yeah I have those too.

I think I might get myself a personal trainer. And I love beaches so I just might start taking some runs there as well. The more I think about it and plan the more fun it seems. Might even take some Zumba classes. I lack coordination though. But it looks like fun! Really, I just want to look and feel great. Not for anyone, but for myself….and mostly because I want to look good naked. Come on, who doesn’t?


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