Why So Ugly?

So I have been called Ugly on many occasions.

What a way to lead a post huh? But it’s true. Many a time I have been called Ugly or it was implied that I was. Now, the opinion of others truly do not matter to me (sometimes), but it was something I felt I should write about.

Who or what truly defines beauty?

I often wonder if popularity determines beauty.

Perhaps the amount of times you’ve carelessly thrown your Cooch Or Penis around determines this.

Have you ever noticed how the most whorish of people are called beautiful? And they seem to let that go to their head and try to put down others?

Initially, that last part is what I really wanted to talk about.

I understand you know that you are good looking, but why must you try to bring down others you FEEL are less desirable looking to you? Does it make you feel better about yourself? What is it that you get from trying to make others feel terrible about themselves? Where you bullied as a  child? Is there a hole somewhere inside of you that needs to be filled? Perhaps you need a hug. Maybe you weren’t loved properly as a child. Or maybe you realize that you are nothing more than a sex symbol and seeing someone that doesn’t need to partake in sexual activities to look good makes you feel like utter crap and you take out your frustrations on them to uplift yourself. Is that it?

Whatever the reason, I hope you realize how detestable that makes you look on the inside. And no amount of makeup can ever clean up the Tar that you have built up around your personality and you are by far uglier than anyone else will ever be. And when you look in the mirror, I hope it shatters and you realize just how horrible of a person you truly are.


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