Me? Lie? Never

I kinda hate people right now.

Ok hate is a strong term but they are pretty highly hated at the moment. If that is even a word. Spellcheck corrected me so I’m guessing it wasn’t.

Moving along. I’ve been called a liar and frankly I don’t understand why nor am I too happy about it. I may be many things, and a liar may occasionally be one of them (because come on, we all fib at one point) but I am Innocent this time!

What happened? I’ll save you the theatrics, apparently I failed to notify someone of something I was aware of and they called me a liar.

I was outraged!

I was then notified that “withholding information” is a form of lying.

Well Fuck that.

The way I see it, if I did not utter the words, I am not lying. It doesn’t even make sense. How can not saying something translate into a lie? I mean, It makes sense to say it’s WRONG, but to say I’m lying because I didn’t say anything? I would like some of the Crazy Cookies you’ve been eating because clearly you are out of your mind.

Hook me up to the lie detector baby!! Ask me the same thing and my silence shall prevail! That machine ain got nothing on me! It can’t work its magic if no words are coming out of my mouth.

But it is what it is. Call me a liar, but I will continue to let thy tongue be still!

Did any of this make sense? I feel like I was just rambling..

Well screw that too.

Not so Sincerely,

Your outraged Author.


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