Nicki Minaj Voting for Romney…And?

“I really care deeply about Nicki Minaj’s political beliefs,” said no one ever..

No, seriously, why is everyone making a big deal about this? I fail to see how this is even news worthy and I weep for America if something as trivial as this can rile up millions of people.

As a human being, Nicki can pretty much vote for whoever the hell she wants to vote for. Hell, she can not vote at all. She isn’t the only person voting for Romney, She sure isn’t the only Celebrity voting for him either.

Nicki’s only fault comes in the form of her broadcasting to the public her view. Which, technically, it wasn’t even a view.  It was lyrics to a song, more than likely done as a pun and for rhyming purposes.

“I’m a republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches are f—ing up the economy”

Those are the lyrics. Rappers mock everything. Government, Religion, Anything that can be a controversy. It’s for music purposes. (Music in itself has pretty much gone to hell anyways). For all we know when she goes to vote, she’ll still Vote for Obama. The woman probably doesn’t even understand politics herself. She’s probably not even registered to vote!!

It is sad that America is always so focused on the words and happenings of Celebrities. It’s even sadder that there are people blaming Nicki for fans deciding to Vote for Romney. That is THEIR choice. She has yet to hold a gun to any of their heads and go “Young Money in this bitch, Vote for Romney Fo I put you in a ditch. Bang Bang” ( I worked real hard on that just so you know).  If they decide to vote because of some song lyrics then that seems to be a personal dilemma.

Frankly, I wish people would just leave Nicki Alone. She already can’t breathe without someone thinking it was a sign of the illuminati, and her choice of clothing is forever a topic. I don’t see WHY she must dress like everyone else, or WHY it even matters, but that’s just how the world works. If you dislike someone, base your whole life around insulting them and looking for ways to bring them down (which in turn just wastes your own time and makes you look like an idiot and a bit obsessed). You know what, don’t even leave her alone, just don’t spam Yahoo news with stuff like this that ISN’T NEWS -_- Somewhere in Chubakistan a woman probably drowned trying to save a bus filled with kids but we’re busy reporting that Nicki might be a republican.

My views? Well, I’m not into politics, but whoever wins pretty much affects my life. I’m a college student, and lord knows Financial aid is a big Necessity for me because I’m not swimming in Cash. So, Even if Obama doesn’t Do what all he promises, I rather have him in Office than someone who plans on taking away the funding I need for School :/

By the way, don’t you find it funny how all the politicians just come out of the woodworks during election time? It’s hilarious to see folks pick sides and pull out “facts” that always contradict each other. For instance, Some are saying Obama made things worse, and others are saying he made things better. So, this goes to show that NO ONE has anything factual to say. The sun is hot, that’s a fact, no one can argue that…because that’s how facts work. I usually stray away from politics because no matter your opinion, someone will always find a heated way to shut you down, and really, no matter who becomes President people will find fault and never be satisfied.


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