Love and Paranoia

Starting to understand why people believe that Social networks ruins relationships.  Honestly, depending on what your spouse posts, it can really mess with your head if you’re not a strong person. But even the strongest of folks have their limits.

How are you supposed to feel when you’re not around and your significant other has pictures of him with the other gender and the number of these photos outnumber the ones you have with them yourself? How are you supposed to feel when it’s the same person over and over again? Is it not normal to feel a bit Jealous? Maybe even angry? How are you honestly supposed to feel? It’s not to say they can’t have friends of the opposite gender, it’s just, how are you supposed to feel when you see them in pictures doing things that they don’t do with you? And it’s not that you don’t trust them, but it puts a strain there to always have you wondering…

What if they don’t write on your page? Do you get upset at this considering you write on theirs? Should it bother you that they NEVER write anything sweet or even mention you? Not even to say that they miss you? Is this reason enough to be mad, or are you just being ridiculous? Who decides these things?

What if the person is someone who just doesn’t like to show their affection on the internet? It’s not a bad thing. And they could be the type of person who shows that they do care about you..but what if they don’t say it often? Actions speak louder than words, but sometimes you really just want to hear the words. Maybe you’d like to hear “I love you” or “I miss you.” When you put a picture or send them one maybe you’d like to hear “You’re beautiful” or even “You’re sexy” Hell, like the picture even.

Is this asking for too much? What if you’re not a person who asks for alot? What if this is really all you want? Just for them to say these things and act like they aren’t afraid for the world to know that you are important to them.

It’s not alot is it?

But then again it’s probably just me thinking too much and creating a problem that isn’t really there.


3 thoughts on “Love and Paranoia

  1. I don’t think you are over thinking anything at all. I mean some people are like that, they don’t show their affection a whole lot but I do believe even if you don’t show affection when you find that person and is truly for you then things change. You are happy, full of life and then you do show affection. I completely understand how it feels to be hundreds of miles away from your significant other and I completely understand how troubling things can become once someone of the opposite gender gets involved and you aren’t there. It’s not like they need you to monitor them but the fact that your partner is so far away, even if something did happen between them and the person of opposite gender you wouldn’t even know. I think this is where trust comes in and not only trust but communication.

    There was an incident not to long ago where my significant other’s friend (who happens to be of the opposite gender) stayed over a little late and didn’t feel safe driving home and ended up spending the night. As you could probably guess I was royally pissed and even more pissed at the fact that I didn’t hear about it until days later. Yes my significant other told me everything and that they slept on the couch while their friend slept in the bed but I wasn’t there, I only know as much as they chose to tell me. It bothered me for some time until I finally snapped. We had our argument and we both explained how we felt. In the long run I don’t feel bad for opening my mouth because I feel like that was a step to far. I don’t even like the idea of them going out to eat together but I had to get over that because my significant other thought I was being jealous, but this sleeping over thing was where I had to put my foot down. I explained that couldn’t be fine with this because then where are my limits? Whats next? Sleeping next to each other? Living together? In the end my significant other decided our trust and ultimately our relationship was more important. They are still friends but now my partner clearly knows where my lines are and what can and cannot be accepted. I mean how would they feel if I slept in the same room as someone of the opposite sex? My point is if this is bothering you as much as it seems then speak up. Yes, it can be scary to confront your partner constantly or about things that have been discussed in the past but it’s better to let them know how much it hurts you. You are not being unreasonable, you are just being human.

  2. I. Love. This. I don’t think people understand how important it is to let the one you love know that you love them. It’s really not that hard. It’s a little thing called effort. I mean, in the end, if they’re not willing to show how much they care, then staying in that relationship is pointless. Don’t hurt yourself to spare others.

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