Completely Irrelevant Rambling

I thought I wanted to do Videos once. After watching Kingsley and a few others on Youtube (Kingsley being my favorite) I wanted to try video blogging. However, that never worked. For one, my webcam sucks, I talk too fast, and I’m too lazy to use my actual camera.  I figure hey, If I’m going to ramble, maybe it would be better for people to hear it instead of having to read it. Let’s face it, folks today aren’t much interested in reading…

I didn’t know I had an accent. Honestly. I felt like the asian girl from the movie step up. Everywhere I turn people are like “I love your accent” and I literally watch them and go “What accent?”

Internet drama? I’ve been staying out of it. I don’t even comment. I find it’s so much more hilarious to just watch and get a good laugh. More often than not I find myself looking like this…

I never knew 8th continent Soy milk existed until I came to Georgia. I only knew about Silk and Lactaid.   This milk? Gross…unless you add sugar. Everything is better with Sugar.

I dreamed I was a Victoria Secrets Model and Dammit I was flawless!

That’s it..


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