Distance is a Stupid Hoe

This month marks the Fifth month since I have been without my Boyfriend.

Where is he you ask? He’s in Misery….I mean Missouri for Basic training. He graduated today and while I’m happy for him in this accomplishment I’m pissed that I won’t be seeing him till December if I’m lucky. On Monday, he’ll be in Germany. Even FURTHER away than before.

I personally feel that the military did this on purpose. Though I suppose I can deal with Germany as opposed to Afghanistan.

That’s not the point though.

People always say that when you’re in a relationship you should beware of the exes, the groupies, and the blatant whores, but you know who the true relationship killer is? That Bitch Distance. That Selfish Bitch Distance.

Distance is that stupid hoe that waltzes in as she feels like it, takes your man, and laughs in your face as you suffer days upon months upon years of not being able to see the one you love. And she relishes in this. She’s hovering over me right now, throwing salt in my wounds.

Guess what though? You are not killing my relationship, but still. Damn you nonetheless!

Damn you Distance.

Damn you to hell.



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