I lost my love

I’ve lost my love, have you seen him?
Some months ago he left.
I didn’t noticed then, but I notice now,
the reason my heart wept.
I’ve lost my love have you seen him?
It fills me with such woe.
My neglect, it built on shattered care.
Guess that’s why he had to go.
I’ve lost my love, I regret it.
But I guess it is too late.
Now I’m teary eyed and dead inside,
But It’s my fault that I’m in this state.
I’ve lost my love, and I miss him.
I guess it’s true what they say.
You miss it most, and Miss it bad
When that thing has gone away.
I’ve lost my love and it kills me.
I have no place to confide.
He was my anchor, my stable place,
Where I went, when I needed to hide.
I’ve lost my love, when I need him,
When I needed him most, and I’m crying.
I wish it were here, like it was before,
But I lost my love for writing.
(A poem I wrote when I was had 2 year long writer’s block)

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