Twitter, Facebook, and Relationships

Time and time again I hear that twitter and facebook ruins relationships. This is because people broadcast every and anything about their relationship to others on these social networks.

But that’s not true.

People ruin relationships.

No matter what it is that is posted on these sites, the only thing capable of ruining a relationship is people. If you choose to let what other folks say about your relationship bother you, because of what you posted then that is a personal problem.  It has nothing to do with the site. After all, who placed it there? Was it not you?

Your relationship is determined based on your own actions and the actions of your significant other.  Twitter and facebook have nothing to do with it. Last year I was in a situation where pure ignorance led to me having a large argument with my Boyfriend on both facebook and twitter. We’re still together. It won’t happen again, but if we broke up, it would have been because of the fight and how stupid it was rather than who saw it and had something to say.

People are going to talk no matter what you do anyways. (sick world we live in)

Regardless, If you notice, clearly in the boxes for facebook and Twitter they ask (What’s on your mind and What’s happening). It’s your choice to put whatever you want. It’s your page,and if people have a problem with what you are writing, then maybe they shouldn’t be there. However, You should also realize that somethings are not meant for the worldwide web.

Don’t let a website determine the status of your relationship.



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