1)   If you’re the only one in love, That’s not a relationship. That’s unrequited. Let the other person go. You’re only gonna get hurt. You can’t make someone love you who doesn’t. It just does not work that way.

2)  If they can easily believe what everyone else is saying, but do not want to listen to you for even a second? Let them go. That’s not cool. The whisperers are not the one in the relationship. It’s always better to hear their side before you jump to conclusions.

3)  In my opinion, You cannot love two people. Family love yes, Friends love yes, but you cannot be IN LOVE with two people. How can you split your heart? When you’re in love, you entire heart belongs to one person. If the person you’re with feed you that “I love you both” crap. You need to let them go. In this case, Sharing is not caring hun.

4)  If you frown more than you smile in your relationship, maybe you should let the person go, or you should go. If you’re not happy, then that’s not the place to be. No one should stick around when they’re miserable.

5)  If you can’t be with the person because he eats with a fork and not a spoon, maybe you should be let go, because that’s just ridiculous. Meaning, if the really little insignificant things bother you, you need help.

6)  If You cannot see yourself settling down, and you want to flirt with everything that has a vagina or a penis, maybe you should not be in a relationship. That behavior is for single people. You don’t deserve a relationship.

7)  Clubs are NOT for single people alone, JAMS (island thing I suppose, Consider it the same as a club for mainlanders) are not for single people alone. If you have a girl, or a boy, and you don’t want them to go to these things because you are not going. That spells a trust issue. If there’s no trust, there’s no relationship, just paranoia.

8)  Not every girl or boy they talk to are people they want to have sex with, or cheat on you with. Again, trust issues. If they can’t have male and female friends because of your insecurities. Do not enter a relationship.

9)  Being in a relationship does not mean you have to be attached to the hip every second of every day of every month of every year. (Lot of every’s huh?) Give them some space once in a while. Not too much but just enough. Consider it like taking care of a cat. If you cling too much to them they become irritated, if you give them too much space and neglect them, they run away. Even it out, and it should be fine.

10)  Don’t spy on them. I understand that you want to know things. But You don’t have to know the passwords to everything the person has. Why do you even need it? Again, trust is key. TRUST!

11)  Women and men alike. If the person is willing to cheat on their partner, to go with you, then it should be painfully obvious that they will also cheat on you as well (My Opinion). Also, if a girl or guy is willing to come between your relationship to have you, then the person is not worth being with. That person is despicable, and morally challenged. Your relationshit (as it will be) will die as quickly as it started.

12)  Everyone deserves a second chance unless it is because of the following circumstances:

  •    Cheats on you with ex….They are an EX for a reason! Don’t go back in your trash!
  •     They beat you.. Only masochists enjoy being beaten on. You ain’t no punching bag.
  •   They left you for your sibling……really now?
  •    You passed a second chance and this is your fourth. Stop repeating the same mistake dammit!

13)  Long distance relationships? They work. Some actually do. When you think the person is cheating on you and you end up doing it because you think they are, You might as well just end it with the person because you’re wasting your time and probably just gonna hurt yourself and the person.

14)  If the person’s family is more into the relationship then  you both are? This is a problem. Your parents should not control your relationship. And if you are in one, where your partner’s, or your own parents want to take over, With all due respect, you should tell them to stay out of it. They mean well (or not) but it’s not their place. Same for friends. (I would know, I need to mind my own business now and again too). However, if they are willing to let everyone control it, except for themselves, Maybe you should just break up. Not like you had any say in it anyways.

15)  If they’re quick to give up on you, just let it go. It’s not worth the hassle. You can always find better. Especially if they are quick to flirt with others after. Nothing good comes to them. Just smile, you never know whose watching that just loooves to see it.

Okay, my brain died because my sis just interrupted my entire chain of though. Read it, learn it, live it, love it, bye!



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