Long Distance Blues

When it comes to relationships, I believe that there is no reason why you are unable to meet with your significant other. If you are truly in love then no matter the distance you will find a way. Long distant relationships are the problem. When you and your love one are 15oo miles apart, I can see how meeting each other can be a problem, but this issue is mainly focused on My dear little island of St.Croix, USVI.

St.Croix, for those who do not know, is only 84 square miles. It’s barely even recognizable on a map. You can travel the entire island from Dead east, to Dead west, in about a day and a half, probably even shorter than that. It bothers me to no end when couples are unable to see each other despite this. I hate when they use the excuse “I don’t have a ride”.  There is this thing called a taxi that is only $2.50 for each trip. You could be traveling from Goldenrock to the Dock and it will still be $2.50. I’m sure you just bought $8.00 worth of food, but you can’t make it to the love of your life? Really? Then that can’t be love.

You should be able to meet each other halfway atleast. Because that’s what you do when you are in love. You find a way no matter the obstacle. I live in east and my Best friend basically lives in west and the taxi does not even travel all the way to where she lives. I make it my business to get on that bus, get off at the nearest stop and walk that god awful stretch and up that sinful hill just to see her. My boyfriend lives even farther and I took an unhealthily long stroll in the sun back and forth just to see him (And I’m pretty darn lazy). And why is that? Because I care. And If I really wanted to see them then I will happily go that extra mile. If you can’t do this, and you’re supposedly so in love. Well, Maybe you aren’t as in love as you think.



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